Yard Clean Up Tips

Having a clean and lush-green yard is one thing that makes your home feel like a haven. However, maintaining a yard throughout the year can be a hassle because of the different seasons. One season your lawn is overgrown, and the next season you have tree foliage all over the yard. And depending on your yard size, you may need to put in more effort and time to clean up.

Cleaning up your yard boosts your home’s curb appeal and also gives you a clean and well-manicured outdoor space to relax. This post will cover the vital yard cleanup tips to help you manage your lawn.

Get the must-have yard clean up tools.

Doing a thorough yard clean up job requires sharp yard tools. Whether you outsource your yard clean up or DIY, having a few tools will help you keep up with the yard all year round. Get the right yard cleanup tools like the lawnmower to mow overgrown grass.

You will also need a wheelbarrow, a rake, and a shovel to maintain your lawn in good condition. Clearing tools and hedge clippers will come in handy when trimming and cutting down overgrown tree branches. You can also get garden bags, a yard vacuum, and a leaf shredder to pick up and shredded leaves for easy composting. Another important tool you need in the yard is a roll-off dumpster. You will need a dumpster to dispose of any debris from your yard clean up.

Yard Clean Up Tips

Work your way from up to down.

The best way to start working on your yard is to start with the big trees and bushes. You can start cutting down overgrown tree branches and trimming your bushes before working on the lawn and planting beds. Get a chainsaw and cut down damaged and dead branches. The hedge clippers and a shrub rake will give your bushes a beautiful look.

Once you have the damaged branches and the shrubs out of the way, you can start collecting the clippings and dead leaves on the ground. Dead leaves on the ground are pesty! Use the yard vacuum and a rake to pick up all the leaves littering your lawn. Pile them up and start composting. The organic matter in the compost is useful to the soil.

Start mowing.

The lawn grass is another thing you will have to deal with when cleaning your yard. Start mowing after picking up the dead branches and leaves. Level up your lawn and get rid of any debris littering the grass area. The worst part of mowing grass is dealing with dog waste. You can get some heavy gloves and a pooper-scooper to handle the unpleasant litter. You can use the grass clippings to mulch your garden beds, lawn, and planting containers.

Fix the patches on the yard.

Bad weather, snow, or pets can damage your yard and cause bare patches. These patches can be an eyesore, and you should fix them early. Plant new grass on these spots to give your yard an even look.

Deal with the weeds.

Lawn weeds are the last thing you want to see in your yard. Get rid of weed as early as possible before they gain strong roots. You can plant wildflowers or use organic herbicide to prevent weeds from growing in your yard. According to Almanac, you can also minimize weeds by using mulch and avoiding spring fertilization on the lawn. 

Dispose of the yard debris.

The final stage of a clean and well-manicured yard is disposing of the yard waste. The debris from all the yard clean up work can fill a dumpster. Luckily, you can delegate this part to us here at TKG Services. Ready to tackle a weekend yard clean up project? Contact us today and have your dumpster delivered in no time.