Waukegan Weekend Renovation Projects

Are you looking for Waukegan weekend renovation projects to do? The weekend is the perfect time to complete simple home renovation projects and make your property efficient, inviting, and a haven you can retreat to every day. There are many simple weekend renovation projects, whether you’re considering a kitchen renovation or improving the exterior. These simple home remodeling projects can have an immense impact on your home. Importantly, accomplishing a home upgrade this weekend can make your fee a sense of accomplishment. So, get your tools ready and tackle one of the below Waukegan renovation projects. 

What Are the Easiest Waukegan Weekend Renovation Projects?

Nothing beats the satisfaction of completing a DIY renovation project on the weekend. While extensive jobs like complete garage overhaul can be intimidating, there are easy and manageable weekend renovation projects to on the weekend this fall. 

Paint the Walls

Have your walls seen better days? Perhaps you’re tired of classic wall colors and need trendy, warm interior colors. Painting the walls is one of the weekend renovation projects you can tackle this fall. Get your paintbrushes, drop clothes, and painter’s tape, and paint and liven your interior walls. Fall is the best time to do a painting job, thanks to the moderate temperatures, which are ideal for avoiding paint cracks. 

Install A Kitchen Backsplash

Are you stuck with an old kitchen backsplash? You spend a great deal of time in the kitchen preparing mouth-watering meals, and updating things like the backsplash can do it justice. Installing a backsplash can be a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen’s design. Additionally, it can provide a protective barrier, eliminating moisture, and is easy to maintain. It is easy to eliminate food spills and splatters from a backsplash, making cleaning your kitchen easier.

Deep Clean Your Garage

Your garage is one place that can fill up junk pretty fast. Another weekend renovation project you can tackle this fall is garage cleaning. Decluttering is the best way to create space for garage organization and, most importantly, to keep your vehicle during the harsh weather months. 

Sweep out every nook and cranny, eliminating spider webs, dust mites, and unwanted garbage. This is the perfect time to check the garage floor and door conditions and fix them. Give your battered and bruised floors a pressure wash, and if necessary, apply new paint, giving it a fresh feel. 

Waukegan weekend renovation projects

Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Another excellent weekend renovation idea is updating your kitchen cabinets, which undergo a great deal of wear and tear. There are a dozen ways to renovate your kitchen cabinets and make them look brand new. You can replace the dull hardware, add sliding shelves, new removable wallpaper, and drawer dividers.

Additionally, you can install under cabinet lighting and replace the doors and drawer fronts. If time and resources allow, you can upgrade the entire cabinets with new ones. Such weekend projects can make a significant change and give your kitchen a new look. 

Renovate Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovations can be intimidating. However, there are ways to remodel your bathroom on the weekend. You can declutter, add space, and install a mirror to give your bathroom more light, making it feel spacious. Another idea is to replace the old damaged floor tiles and tile grout. A new coat of paint on your vanity, walls, and hardware can make a difference. Replace the faucets and showerheads with water-efficient ones. 

Rent A Dumpster in Waukegan

Waukegan weekend renovation projects are easy, but you can be sure of generating extensive amounts of debris. TKG Services offers residential dumpsters for weekend renovation projects. We offer 10, 20, and 30-yard roll-away containers for weekend renovations, home cleanout jobs, and construction waste removal. Get a free price estimate to rent a dumpster in Waukegan.