Understanding Dumpster Rental Pricing

Are you looking to rent a dumpster container for the first time? The most critical question when hiring a dumpster rental is the dumpster rental pricing. I mean, you want to dispose of garbage, and your goal is to get the best bang for the buck. And you are probably wondering if it will cost you an arm and a leg, or you will get the deal of a lifetime. Let’s cut to the chase; there is no one-size cut for all residential and construction/commercial dumpsters. The reason is that dumpster containers come in different sizes, weight limits, and for various purposes. Today, we dig deeper and help you in understanding dumpster rental pricing to know whether you are getting the best dumpster rates or a rip-off.

What is included in dumpster rental pricing?

The first thing to help you understand dumpster rental pricing is to understand the factors determining the price. 

Different cost factors determine the overall cost of the roll-off container that you rent. These include;

  • The dumpster rental size

The roll-off container rental size is the first cost factor that determines the overall dumpster rental price. For instance, we offer various rental sizes, and that means each of these sizes has different tonnage—15, 30, and 40YD dumpsters. A 40-cubic yard dumpster provides more capacity, which means you can remove more debris. Ultimately, the 40-cubic yarder will cost more than the smaller roll-off containers. 

Typically, the price of a dumpster scales up with the volume.

  • Location of the job

Your location is also another cost variable that makes up the overall rental price. Typically, we put it as the delivery and pickup cost. Project locations that are far from the dumpster rental company will cost more than a nearby site. The secret to saving bucks here is to rent from a local facility.

  • Rental period

One common question a rental will ask you is, “how long will you need the dumpster rental?.” Your rental period is also another cost factor, and most rentals have a base rental period like three days, a week, two weeks, a month, etc. 

It would be best to estimate the time it will take you to load your junk into the dumpster to help you determine your rental period. If you underestimate your rental, it will cost you more to rent the dumpster at a daily rate. 

Luckily, your rental company has experts to help you estimate your rental period.

  • The debris you put inside the dumpster rental.

Do you want to eliminate heavy construction debris, or perhaps house junk? The type of debris is another cost factor that determines the dumpster rental pricing.

Typically, if most of your garbage is recyclable, you can expect the cost to be lower than discarding non-recyclable trash.

Also, different debris has different tonnage, so heavier trash will cost you more dollars than light garbage.

You should also note that toxic waste will attract fines and so it is best to let your rental about the waste you want to discard. 

understanding dumpster rental pricing

Potential additional dumpster costs

Apart from variables that determine your rental costs, there are also other potential charges. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will pay, but you can incur these costs if you breach the rental terms.

  • Overweight fees. If you put excess items above the recommended weight limit, you will pay fees to cover the extra tons of trash. 
  • Prohibited debris fees. Each rental company has a set of banned debris depending on the local codes. If you dump hazardous trash in the dumpster, you have to pay for such junk.
  • Dumpster rental extension fees. The roll-off rental company needs the dumpster back on the agreed pickup day for their smooth operations. If you fail to return the dumpster on the d-day, you will pay for the extended period so that the rental doesn’t run at a loss. 

Why understanding dumpster rental pricing is so important

When calling around, it can seem at first glance that one dumpster company is much cheaper than others, but understanding dumpster rental pricing ensure you don’t end up with hidden charges and fees. If you need reasonably low dumpster rental pricing, you need to hire a local company. TKG Services is your premier local dumpster rental expert. Contact us and we’ll take care of all your dumpster rental needs.