Tips for Stress-Free Moving

Let me guess; you are wondering if stress-free moving is possible. 

Moving can be so much fun yet so stressful. This minute you are all excited to move into a new place, and the next minute you can’t deal with all the hiccups that come with moving. 

Moving is not all about packing and unpacking. There is much more work than meets the eye. For instance, you have to manage the packing and unpacking, utilities, crucial documents, heavy lifting, decluttering, and so much more.

You are lucky, though, because we are here to help you have stress-free moving. Below are helpful tips to help you achieve a seamless move.

Take time to declutter first.

This is perhaps the critical step to stress-free moving. Once you know the time frame to move, focus on eliminating junk in your house.

Decluttering can take a lot of time, and it can be more challenging than you can imagine.

The best thing is to start decluttering in advance when you are in the right headspace. 

Also, decluttering can significantly reduce stress when moving because you will have less to pack, transport, and unpack.

You can also start packing while you declutter your home before a move. 

Book movers in advance.

The most stressful thing when moving is not having the right team of movers. You need to pick your movers well ahead of time to avoid last-minute hassles. 

According to research, 13% of Americans move each year, which means movers can be pretty busy.

Also, you need to understand moving guidelines and get the costs in advance to avoid the eleventh-hour hitches. 

Additionally, ensure that you hire licensed and registered movers. The best place is to use the FMCSA website to find licensed movers with a clean track record of services.

While letting your movers help you move, you can have a reliable dumpster rental deal with the junk.

Utilize lists and labels

One stressful thing about moving is that it is easy to lose track of your inventory and misplace your items. Also, with no proper labeling, you can easily damage your items without knowing.

Not to mention that when moving, there is a chance of having a short attention span. And that means you can forget to pack some of your stuff or pack items you don’t need.

This is where the lists and labels come in. Ensure that you have a list of the items that you need to move and label each box.

Ensure that you number your boxes and list down the contents of the boxes against the number on your list.

Label your inventory with a name and color codes to make it easy to identify when unpacking.

Take images.

Many people attribute moving stress to not being able to put back items together when unpacking. It is easy to tear apart your furniture and unplugging wires but putting them together can be quite a hassle.

Use your phone camera to snap photos or record videos when disassembling your furniture, appliances, and other electrics. It will make it a breeze to put things back together in your new place.

Also, take images of your water, gas, and electricity readings. These are minor yet important things to do when moving.

Remember, you can also take images of all your inventory to track the things you are moving.

stress-free moving

Secure crucial documents

The biggest nightmare is to lose your crucial documents like certificates, house deeds, passports, and receipts in the event of moving. Ensure that you pack your documents in a place where you can quickly locate them. And to add a secure layer, you can make electronic copies of your documents ahead of time. 

There are also some miniature items like screws that can disappear without a trace. You can pack those in a clear ziplock bag and label them.

If you’re moving and need a dumpster to clear out junk before the big move, contact TKG Services today to schedule your dumpster rental.