Bring out the TKG sweeper for a spotless and clean project site!

How Our Power Sweeping Services Work


Discuss the

Scope of Work

Reach out to us with your site details. Our team will discuss your specific needs and schedule a site assessment if necessary.

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Based on the assessment, we'll create a tailored sweeping plan, including frequency and specific services required.




Our professional team will execute the sweeping service as planned, employing the latest techniques and equipment for efficient cleaning.




We offer ongoing support and flexible scheduling to adapt to any changes in your project needs, ensuring your site remains clean and compliant.

Why Power Sweeping is Essential

Power sweeping is not just about aesthetics; it's a critical service that enhances safety by removing potential hazards, maintains property value, and demonstrates your commitment to a clean environment. With TKG, you get the added benefit of integrating this service with your waste management plan, simplifying logistics and enhancing efficiency.

Elevate Your Site's Cleanliness and Safety

Experience the TKG difference with our exclusive power sweeping services. Let us help you maintain a pristine, hazard-free environment.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At TKG, our power sweeping service is a testament to our dedication to providing comprehensive, customer-centric solutions. No other dumpster rental company offers this level of service, making us your premier choice for all-inclusive site management.

Why Choose TKG for Power Sweeping?

Unlike any other dumpster rental company, TKG takes your project's cleanliness and convenience to the next level with our power sweeping services. Ideal for parking lots, residential neighborhoods, industrial sites, and more, we ensure your area remains pristine, enhancing safety and visual appeal.

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Efficiency and Convenience

Our power sweeping services are designed to complement our dumpster rental offerings, providing a one-stop solution for your waste management and site cleanliness needs. This synergy allows us to offer unparalleled convenience, saving you time and effort in coordinating multiple services.


Advanced Technology

We employ state-of-the-art sweeping equipment capable of handling various debris types, from light litter to heavier construction debris, leaving your site spotless.


Customizable Solutions

Understanding that each site has unique needs, we offer flexible scheduling and customizable sweeping plans tailored to your project's specific requirements.

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Eco-Friendly Practices

Committed to sustainability, our sweeping services not only enhance your site's cleanliness but also adhere to eco-friendly practices, minimizing environmental impact.


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