Renting a Dumpster for Junk

Do you need to get rid of junk? There are plenty of solutions when dealing with residential or construction junk. You can use junk removal services or rent a dumpster; these two options can effectively eliminate waste. Other viable waste disposal options include donating junk and DIY hauling. The crucial things to focus on when picking an option are efficiency, cost, and reliability. Renting a dumpster proves to be the most dependable option when you need to remove refuse. And thankfully, that is our focus area here at TKG Services. If you’re looking for a superior waste disposal solution, you’ve found one. Below are the reasons why you should rent a dumpster for junk.

Why rent a dumpster for junk?

Renting a dumpster for junk means that a waste management company—like TKG Services— provides you with a container to dump all the garbage. Ideally, it is for big residential, commercial, or construction projects that create massive heaps of junk. If the debris is too much to fit in the curbside bin, your best bet is the dumpster for trash. 

You will need to evaluate and create an estimate of the project, which will be the basis for the dumpster size you’ll need. With the help of a dumpster specialist, you can set up the container and the rental period that fits your job. 

Once you fill the trash container, we can remove it from the site as agreed in the schedule. Renting a dumpster for junk offers many benefits, which we’ll discuss below.


From the dumpster size to the schedule and your project type, a dumpster for junk accommodate all kinds of jobs. At TKG Services, we have various sizes to fit remodeling, home clean outs, office renovation, garage clean out, and removal of demolition rubble.

Unlike junk removal services, you’re in full control of your project and can keep the dumpster for as long as needed. Furthermore, you can use it to dispose of household, industrial, and construction waste. There is a receptacle to fit all the trash, no matter the size.

We provide sizes of up to 40-cubic yards dumpsters, which can manage concrete waste, yard waste, building demolition, and more.

More time to remove junk

The time freedom you get with dumpster rentals allows you to sift through your items carefully before discarding them. Junk removal service guys can put you under a time constraint, and you might not edit through your stuff carefully before disposing of it.

With a dumpster for junk, you can declutter, remodel or build at your pace, stress-free. You can also choose your rental period that fits your availability. For instance, you can rent a dumpster for a weekend bathroom remodel or junk removal before the move.

rent a dumpster for junk in Kenosha


A dumpster for junk can be less costly compared to other disposal options. Typically, rentals charge a flat-rate fee for dumpsters, and you can discard just about any debris. With junk removers, on the other hand, you might have to pay for each item they remove.

Also, the pricing of dumpsters is straightforward, with no additional costs like paying an extra fee for cumbersome material. 


Your job site’s safety is paramount. Accidents from sharp tools and falls from tripping over junk can be depressing. Renting a dumpster for garbage ensures that you contain dangerous debris safely and that the project site is always safe.

Additionally, dumpsters eliminate eyesores on-site and ensure that you dump junk discretely. You might need to place trash somewhere on your property for all and sundry with junk hauling.

Best company to rent a dumpster for junk

Count on TKG Services for dependable dumpsters for junk. Whether you need to declutter your office, basement, garage, attic, or the entire house, our crew will help.