Getting Rid of Construction Waste in Kenosha

Constructions and renovation sites produce a significant portion of debris, which requires much work to move. And it is not just the garbage you see on large construction sites; eliminating residential remodeling, and demolition waste can be quite a hassle. EPA classifies construction waste as C&D (Construction and Demolition waste) that can have a detrimental impact on the environment. Typically, this debris includes concrete, gypsum, asphalt, bricks, shingles, wood, glass, metals, plastics, and dredging materials. Getting rid of construction waste in Kenosha requires a well-calculated move to minimize landfilling and protect the environment. Consider safe practices if you’re planning to eliminate construction waste in Kenosha.

Best and easiest ways to discard construction waste in Kenosha

Construction waste can’t fit in your typical curbside bin, and you have the responsibility to find safe options to get rid of it.

The process of disposing of construction waste relies on the material type and the size of the trash.

Below are some of the best options to discard construction garbage.

getting rid of construction waste in Kenosha

Plan for your construction waste beforehand

Once you start construction, renovation, or demolition, the waste generation accelerates and can pile up pretty quickly. 

Whether you’re a homeowner, project manager, or contractor, planning for the debris ahead can streamline the entire process and minimize chaos and disruptions.

Planning before the project begins can help you account for potential construction debris and evaluate ways to minimize the waste.

First, planning can help you consider options like deconstruction for remodeling and demolition projects.

Deconstruction is the process of dismantling structures carefully to save the building material and components for reuse.

Since much of the junk from a deconstruction job is helpful, you’ll produce less construction waste to discard.

Secondly, planning for your construction debris can help you provide containers, C&D recycling, and hauling services for your construction site.

Furthermore, in advance, you can lock in dumpster rental services from your leading Kenosha dumpster rental company—TKG Services.

And if you’re building from scratch, planning can help you purchase the exact amounts of construction materials to avoid excess materials.

Additionally, you can educate your team on the best ways to sort and identify recyclable construction materials hence minimizing the waste.

Choose a waste management company that supports sustainability.

Not all waste companies offer sustainable waste management options when getting rid of construction waste.

There are variables to consider when hiring dumpster rentals in Kenosha.

The first thing to consider is the company’s flexibility and availability. 

A company that fits your schedule is best to give you ample time to sort through your construction waste and separate recyclable materials from the garbage.

Additionally, consider a vendor that offers cutting-edge recycling options for your job site.

For instance, here at TKG Services, we go the extra mile to promote sustainable waste management.

Apart from owning an ultra-modern material recovery facility, we are also members of CDRA (Construction and Demolition Recycling Association). This means that we are environmental stewards and focus on promoting environmentally sound recycling practices.

Donate excess helpful construction materials

If you’ve got reusable construction waste or excess construction garbage, you can consider donating to organizations.

Donating is a great way to reduce construction waste and earn your business credibility, gaining a competitive advantage.

You can donate appliances, building components, hardware, and fixtures.

There are many nonprofit home improvement stores and freecycle networks where you can donate construction materials.

You can also list some of the construction waste on Craigslist and find a second home for those wood chips, lumber, cabinets, pallets, concrete, doors, windows, etc.

And luckily, we work with associations like CDRC, so we have the network and availability to accommodate construction waste recycling.

Ready to get started with a reputable company when it comes to getting rid of construction waste in Kenosha? Contact TKG Services today!