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Our dumpster rental “fleet” varies in size from 10 to 30 cubic yards. At the smaller end of the size range, our 10 cu. yard dumpster can hold loads up to 2,000 pounds (1 ton); the largest dumpster at 30 cubic yards, has the ability to hold in excess of 8,000 pounds.

Because we only use roll off containers, we can easily maneuver the dumpster on and off your driveway or commercial property. Our variety of sizes lets you select a dumpster that will not interfere with your ongoing project and our timely delivery keeps you in control of your schedule for convenient drop-offs and pick-ups reducing inconvenience for on-site occupants.

With reasonable, transparent pricing that includes delivery, specified amount of refuse, taxes, disposal fees, pick-up and a standard 7-day rental period, TKG removes debris in a swift and cost-efficient fashion. Whether you are looking for a one-time dumpster rental service for a small to medium-sized project or need a consistent partner for ongoing waste removal for large-scale projects, we offer flexible schedules to accommodate your specific need.

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10 Cubic Yard Roll-off Dumpster

The smallest dumpster holds 10 CY of waste and is great for house projects.

  • Included in Rental: 7 days use, drop-off, pick-up, disposal fees, taxes
  • Dimensions: 8 feet wide x 13 feet long x 3 feet high
  • Weight Limit: 3,000 lbs (1.5 tons) included at no additional charge


dumpster rental

20 Cubic Yard Roll-off Dumpster

A 20 CY dumpster is ideal for larger home projects and small construction sites with plenty of space to house the dumpster footprint.

  • Included in Rental: 7 days use, drop-off, pick-up, disposal fees, taxes
  • Dimensions: 8 feet wide x 20 feet long x 4 feet high
  • Weight Limit: 4,000 lbs (2 tons) included at no additional charge
dumpster rental

30 Cubic Yard Roll-off Dumpster

A 30 CY dumpster can handle most demolition and construction projects with ease.

  • Included in Rental: 7 days use, drop-off, pick-up, disposal fees, taxes
  • Dimensions: 8 feet wide x 20 feet long x 6 feet high
  • Weight Limit: 8,000 lbs (4 tons) included at no additional charge
30 Yard Dumpster

Debris Calculator for Dumpster Rental

Estimate the weight, volume, and cost of disposal for your construction or demolition project.

Whether you are working on a small residential repair or a major structure demolition, no two jobs are alike. Besides the size of the project, the types and weights of material you are working with will determine how much debris your project will create. You want to be sure you will have a dumpster that is big enough to ensure quick, efficient cleanup of all the debris, but you also want to make sure you find a cost-efficient disposal solution for your particular project.

How much debris will my construction project generate? How many dumpsters do I need for a roofing job? How much is a dumpster rental for driveway disposal? What are my likely whole house demolition and disposal costs?

This is the best place to start. The Debris Calculators for Dumpster Rental make it easy to estimate the size of the dumpster you will need for your project. This calculator is based on industry experience and FEMA guidelines for debris estimation. Simply input your project's measurements and see the estimated weight and volume it will generate.

For instance, using our roofing dumpster calculator, you would use the dropdown menu to choose the type of roofing shingles you are disposing of. Then you simply key in the number of roofing squares and layers. The calculator will automatically and immediately provide you the estimated volume in cubic yards as well as the weight in pounds and tons and recommend the projected dumpster size you will need.

We offer a range of calculators, such as our concrete disposal calculator, pavement/driveway calculator and drywall calculator. Our dumpster size estimator can also provide a dumpster weight calculator and recommendations for structure demolition. This tool is a fast and easy way to help you understand total disposal costs for a large project and to get the best deal on a dumpster rental.

Building Demolition

Concrete / Brick
Pavement / Asphalt Driveway
Drywall Disposal

Additional Services:

Contract Sweeping Service

State of the art equipment and professional, highly trained drivers combined with personal attention to detail sets the TKG service apart.

Construction Recycling

Get qualified LEEDS credit and recycled materials documentation while keeping your demolition debris out of a landfill.


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