DIY Home Projects with the Best ROI

The Ultimate List of DIY Home Projects with the Best ROI

Are you yearning to do a home renovation and looking for a DIY project with the best return on investment? The COVID pandemic has given us much more time at home, and it is no surprise if you want to keep yourself busy with a weekend DIY. And if the renovation makes some sense for the cents, the better. A home project with the best return on investment refers to those projects that have the potential to amplify the value of your property. If you update your house to add a cool feature like an outdoor living space, buyers will like it and be willing to pay more for the home. One exciting thing about DIY remodeling projects is that it gives you a sense of satisfaction when you put your time and money in it. If you care about the return on investment of your home project, this is your post. We’ve put together a list of DIY home projects with the best ROI.

Routine landscaping

The exterior part of your home creates the first impression to a potential buyer, and if it is not appealing to you, potential buyers won’t like it either. This means that regular lawn maintenance can recoup the best return on investment. According to a study, properties with pristine landscapes sell for more than houses without manicured yards. So if you conduct routine landscaping like adding a focal point, mowing, mulching, watering, and fertilizing your plants can boost your curb appeal. Prune overgrown bushes and dump yard stumps and branches. Sometimes raising your curb appeal may be as simple as giving the front home space fresh paint. 

Create outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces are the best place to hang out with family and friends as you enjoy warm weather. It can also be a nice spot to light up a campfire to warm up the place as you enjoy the night. Creating outdoor living spaces can be a rewarding DIY home project. Create a patio area complete with outdoor furniture, a fire pit, and a grilling area. You can research inspirational designs for an ambient outdoor living space. 

Keep up with your kitchen.

A minor kitchen improvement is also another home project with the best return on investment. A minor kitchen renovation that amplifies its cosmetic look can recoup over 98% return on investment. These little kitchen improvement jobs don’t require you to knock down or add walls. It can be as simple as illuminating your kitchen with fresh paint and lighting makeover, adding a backsplash, new hardware, updating the countertops, or upgrading your kitchen appliances.

DIY home projects with the best ROI

Do minor bathroom renovations.

Are you tired of the same bathroom hardware, old caulk, or tile finishing? Well, minor bathroom renovation projects have the best resale value at 102%, according to HGTV. Install new matching bathroom hardware like the faucet, vanity, knobs, towel bars, etc. You can also give your bathroom fresh paint, fix the lighting, update the mirrors, recaulk, or deep clean for a new bathroom look. Additionally, you can replace or remove bathroom doors, replace the tiles and the toilet with modern high-end designs. 

Light up your yard

Installing outdoor lights is also another DIY home project with the best return on investment. Lighting up the yard not only makes your yard’s cosmetic look stand out at night, but it also illuminates the walk paths and enhances security at night. Install a lighting system with features that flow well with your landscape. You can opt for LED lighting or solar-powered. Also, there is a lighting system that detects motion and offers high-end security.

Replace the entrance door

A stylish front door on your home can fetch the top dollar when you resale. Replace your old, bland front door with a modern, elegant design to enhance your security and boost your house’s curb appeal.

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