Decluttering Tips Before Moving

Top Decluttering Tips Before Your Move

Moving day is around the corner, which means you are about to pack your entire house into boxes and suitcases ready for a move. With lifting stuff here and there, packing and unpacking, moving houses is not an easy job. What’s worse? You may not realize how much trash you have until you start packing. Nothing sucks more than having clutter standing in between you and your new home. Every good moving checklist will tell you one thing: you have to declutter before moving to your new home. Why?

  • You will save transportation costs because you will have only essential items to move to your new home. 
  • Decluttering can earn you a few bucks. Selling those usable shoes, clothes, or even furniture and appliances on a moving sale can make you more money while reducing the clutter.
  • You will save time packing your belongings and also save plenty of space in your new house. Given how busy life can be, you may have little time to pack for a move, so the fewer the things you need to fill, the better.  
  • Moving will be stress-free. Knickknacks can be a pain in the kneck when moving houses. Decluttering will make the process easy and painless for you.

Here are the must-know decluttering tips before moving.

 Set a declutter day

The first thing on your action plan is that you need to set a declutter day. Use this day to purge through your items and decide what to keep and what to toss away. You can plan to clean out your home a month or three weeks before the moving day. This timeframe will give you ample time to organize yourself, sell, donate, and dumps items that you no longer use. 

Get your supplies ready.

You will need storage and organizational supplies as you declutter, so it is best to source for these items early. Get your cardboard boxes and probably book a roll-off container if you anticipate a lot of clutter. You can have three sets of boxes and label them with keep, donate/sell, trash. Labeling and organizing make it easy to pack items as you declutter.

Start with one room at a time.

Cleaning out an entire house, especially before a move, is not an easy thing. Start decluttering early with one room at a time. Cleaning out the junk by rooms ensures that you are consistent, efficient and guarantees a thoroughly clean job. Also, you will be able to organize and keep tabs on each room’s items as you clean up. For example, you can start with your bedroom, closet, or storage rooms as you move to the rooms with less clutter.

There can be a gray line when it comes to throwing away some of your items, which may be hard for you. However, you need to be ruthless with things that you’ve not touched or used in the last twelve months-yes; the twelve-month-declutter rule is the magic.

decluttering tips

Clean out early to give yourself plenty of time.

When you plan to move, you must declutter ahead of time to find enough time for everything. In between now and the day you plan to move, you may need to sell, donate, or dump the junk. And not forgetting that you have other things to handle like your regular job. Start your declutter job early so that it does not overwhelm you during the last days.

Ask for help to declutter.

A declutter project is not easy, and it can break your back. Ask for immediate help from friends or family whenever you feel that you can’t handle it alone. Outsourcing parts of your decluttering job like junk hauling and disposal is a good idea. Asking for help or hiring junk haulers will save you time and money. 

Start your life in a new home with less clutter.

Whenever you are ready to declutter, TKG Environmental Services is here to help you haul and dump the trash.