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Garage Organizing Tips

6 Garage Organizing Tips

Do you have a messy garage? Thanks to our busy lives, we tend to forget to clean and organize the garage. And in a matter of time, all kinds of junk finds its way to the garage area. 

Imagine a safe, clean, and tidy garage, free from critters like mice and bugs. The exciting news is that you can achieve your ideal garage with our garage organization tips.

Importance of organizing a garage.

  • An organized garage creates more space. Having boxes all over the floor, sporting equipment, bikes, bulky equipment, etc. takes up space and makes it nearly impossible to reach other items when you need it. What’s worse? Your car may end up on the street as its parking spot.
  • An organized garage is safe. Having dangerous tools and equipment like drills and other electric tools lying around the garage floor is not safe for little kids. Avoid accidents by keeping these items in a safe place.
  • Another advantage of an organized garage is that it is easy to find items. Organizing tools and equipment on shelves, cabinets, baskets, etc. make it easy for you to find them when you need to use them the most. 

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Garage Organizing Tips You Can Implement This Weekend


1. Create a garage declutter plan.


The most crucial step to a well-organized garage is to have a plan. You need to plan a garage clean-up day, have a budget, and how to work on the junk in your garage. Set up a day and get a team to help you organize your garage. You need a budget plan as you may need to buy a few organization products or materials to mount shelves and cabinets.

Having a plan also means that you prepare for junk disposal or recycling services.

2. Map out your garage floor.

The place that takes in more clutter in your garage is the floor area. It is easy to toss items on the floor and leave, making it look dirty and disorganized. Take note of the things on the floor and plan how you can start purging. Also, it is crucial to know the size of your garage floor before organizing.

3. Get essential storage products.

Having storage products makes it easier to put your garage in order and reclaim your car space. Invest in organization products like clear bins with lids, lockable cabinets, racks, and clear jars to store items in your garage. You can use lockable cabinets to keep dangerous objects and chemicals out of reach of small children.  

4. Take advantage of the wall space.

One of the best ways to get items off the garage floor is to utilize the overhead space and the wall. You can fix shelves on the wall to store your car care products and other chemicals. You can consider using a pegboard to hang hand tools like the gardening equipment on the wall. Organize your stackable plastic jars against the wall to create more space on the floor.

5. Safety is important.

Safety is crucial when organizing your garage. Properly store chemicals in their original containers and in a lockable cabinet to avoid fire accidents and respiratory problems. Safely hook ladders to prevent them from tipping over and damage other items in the garage or, worse, hitting someone. Install a certified extinguisher and a smoke detector for peace of mind.

Additionally, consider investing in a door and window locks to secure your garage and ward off break-ins.

6. Let go of items you don’t need.

In as much as you want to keep things “just in case,” don’t keep useless items in your garage. Dispose of, sell, donate, or recycle to create more space. Junk items like broken equipment, bikes, furniture are often the culprits cluttering your garage and taking up space.

Is the garage junk giving you a headache? If you’ve read the garage organizing tips and are ready to clear it out, contact TKG Services. We will help you get organized by providing a dumpster so you can get rid of items you don’t need and get closer to an organized garage. Order online or call today!


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