Basement Clean Up Tips for a Clutter-Free Summer

basement cleanup

Basement Clean Up Made Easy

The basement is where you store and forget house junk, old furniture, appliances, debris, and cartons of knick-knacks. And often, due to lack of time, you overlook the basement area during general house cleaning. With time, your basement fills up, and there is no more space to take up junk. 

Basement clean up helps you create more space–perhaps office space, gaming room, kids’ play area, laundry area, storage room, or even an extra living room. Start decluttering your basement area and let go of junk with our basement cleanup tips for a clutter-free summer.

To start cleaning your basement, you will need a strong vacuum, regular cleaning detergents, large broom, mop, buckets, soft brush, and gloves.

Take Inventory and Start Purging Your Basement

We take the basement area as the safest place to hide all the junk that clutters the upstairs rooms. Decluttering your basement can be a lengthy process, so to hit the ground running by taking inventory of the things in your basement area. Identify items with monetary value that you no longer use or you have an upgraded version of the item and set aside to sell. Spend some time going through your basement junk. Purge items that are useless to you and mark items that you intend to keep to make it easier when organizing. Here is the thing, most items that end up in your basement area are useless junk that needs to be thrown away.

Create Sections to Work On

Once you’ve taken your inventory, divide your basement into sections and batches you can manage. You can start from one corner, working your ways to the rest of the basement area. Work at your pace and take breaks to avoid burnout. Ask for help where necessary or outsource other tedious activities like remodeling the basement, painting, or even tossing out large items like furniture. Don’t push yourself to the maximum limits and end up losing motivation to keep decluttering your basement.

Prioritize Large Items

Large items in your basement area take up lots of space and can be a hassle trying to clean while these large items are inside the basement. Also, these items are tiring and require more energy, so start working on these items first. They can be furniture, broken appliances, gadgets, electronics, and lawn equipment. Focus on these items and understand what to do next with the things. Since they are large items, dumpster rentals offer junk removal services and can be a big help removing large and heavy junk from your basement area. At TKG Environmental Services, we provide a variety of dumpster sizes so you can finish your basement clean up quickly and efficiently. After taking all the large items out, split the smaller items into categories of sell, donate, and trash.

Clean and Organize Basement

Basement clean up tips Waukegan IllinoisTo start with the cleaning, scrape off loose flooring and drywall. Sweep all corners of the basement and identify areas that need mending. Scraping and remodeling may take time, but it is worth the extra space you’ll have for years to come. Take advantage of the dumpster container from your dumpster rental and remove any debris that stand in your way. 

As you clean, try to redirect as much trash, such as papers, plastics, and glass, to your recycling bins. Clean your basement thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned. Put your basement back in order, and this is where your organizational skills are put to the test. Organize your basement area, putting rarely used items further up or back out of reach, and more commonly used items in accessible places. 

Hopefully, with the above tips, you can have back a clutter-free basement for the summer and the rest of the year.

Does a basement clean up seem overwhelming? Give TKG Services a call. We will handle the junk and trash clean up so you can have that basement space back in no time. Rent a dumpster today.