Avoiding Dumpster Rental Overage Fees in Waukegan

Do you want to remove household junk, construction waste, or office trash? Homeowners, property managers, and contractors turn to dumpster rental services for a professional and speedy waste disposal process. The cost of hiring a dumpster varies, but it is reasonable, considering the project. Typically, you would pay the fee upfront without any hidden charges. However, dumpster rental overage fees are more common than you think, and thankfully, they’re avoidable. This is your article if you don’t like paying fees and want to avoid overage fees at all costs. We share tips and dumpster rental ideas to ensure you’re avoiding dumpster rental overage fees in Waukegan. 

Avoiding dumpster rental overage fees in Waukegan: Examples

A customer can get dumpster overage fees when they break the policy. Let’s explore situations that can dent your pockets when renting a roll-off dumpster

Exceeding the weight allowance

Your typical dumpster rental fee is the amount payable that covers the debris weight, dumpster size, rental period, and overall disposal services. Each container has a weight allowance, and you can pay extra fees if you exceed this weight limit. Additionally, breaching the weight limit policy can make it nearly impossible for your hauler to retrieve the dumpster. Additional tons can cost more at the landfill, and this fee can be added to your bill. Want to ensure you avoid dumpster rental overage fees in Waukegan? The right dumpster size ensures you dispose of your junk within the limit. Don’t put too much waste in one container. Ask for a second roll-off container or swap out. You can ask our customer support for size recommendations that fit your job.

Dumping prohibited debris

A dumpster has a use policy guiding you on acceptable and banned trash you can put in the container. The local and federal laws regulate municipal solid waste disposal, and you can’t dispose of some waste types in landfills. Furthermore, some debris is prohibited due to its toxic nature. You’ll get a fine and more charge on your bill for putting prohibited waste in the dumpster.

How do you avoid dumpster rental overage fees?

Check out the company guidelines on acceptable and prohibited hazardous waste. Ideally, don’t toss flammable, reactive, and corrosive waste into your dumpster. 

Extending your rental

Dumpster rentals are temporary, meaning you rent them for a specific time. For instance, renting a seven-day dumpster means you can have the container on site for up to seven days. Keeping the container a little longer— for extra days or weeks —attracts a hefty pro-rated per-day fee. Thankfully, TKG Services is accommodating and willing to discuss an additional rental period. Our rent extension fee is $15.75 per day.

How to avoid rental extension fees?

Customize a generous rental period that accommodates your project’s schedule. Our default rental period is seven days, but you can create a timeframe that works for you.

avoiding dumpster rental overage fees in waukegan

Inaccessibility of your job site

Dry run fees come into play if your delivery driver cannot roll off the dumpster due to a lack of space or many obstructions blocking the way. Avoid paying an inaccessibility fee by designating an area for your dumpster. Remove any barricades, like vehicles and hanging trees, beforehand.

Overfilling your container

Loading junk beyond the fill level in the dumpster is another reason for dumpster rental fees. Junk sticking out of a dumpster poses a safety risk, making it hard for your driver to remove it.

Overfilling your container can add tonnage, costing you up to $72.45 per ton. Insist on getting the right size container for the job. We can pick one for you after estimating the debris size you want to haul. Additionally, we consider the nature and the project timeframe to choose the perfect dumpster rental for you.

Avoiding dumpster rental overage fees in Waukegan is key to keeping your project on budget. Call TKG Services today for quick assistance on an affordable, reliable dumpster rental.