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Basement Clean Up Tips for a Clutter-Free Summer

basement cleanup

Basement Clean Up Made Easy

The basement is where you store and forget house junk, old furniture, appliances, debris, and cartons of knick-knacks. And often, due to lack of time, you overlook the basement area during general house cleaning. With time, your basement fills up, and there is no more space to take up junk. 

Basement clean up helps you create more space–perhaps office space, gaming room, kids’ play area, laundry area, storage room, or even an extra living room. Start decluttering your basement area and let go of junk with our basement cleanup tips for a clutter-free summer.

To start cleaning your basement, you will need a strong vacuum, regular cleaning detergents, large broom, mop, buckets, soft brush, and gloves. Continue reading Basement Clean Up Tips for a Clutter-Free Summer