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Waukegan E-Waste Guide

Let me guess. Your little tech compartment at home is quickly filling up with electronic waste. And you are wondering how you can discard e-waste without polluting the environment. The increase in electronic waste is astronomical, thanks to new devices that enter the consumer market every day. According to Earth911, the US produced 6.92 million tons of electronic waste in 2019.  And only 15% of this electronic waste went to recycling. Also, the US spent $7.49 billion on raw materials to make new electronic devices in 2019. This data shows how E-waste can be detrimental. Further, the need for you to manage your trash in Waukegan is vital. Due to the toxic nature of E-waste, it is crucial to handle and dispose of it safely and responsibly. Read on for our Waukegan E-waste guide.

What are the different types of E-waste?

Electronic waste —E-waste— are devices like home appliances and electronic consumer goods like mobile phones that you discard because they are faulty or near end life.

If you have an electrical or electronic device that you don’t need or intend to reuse in the future, that is electronic waste.

You can categorize your E-waste according to its use—

  • Lighting electrical. These include Incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and LED lamps, and any other electrical device.
  • Home electronics. These devices include mobile phones, computers, TVs, desktops, and any communication and entertainment electronic device.
  • Home appliances. This category includes washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens, induction cookers, trash compactors, and air conditioners.
  • Gaming electronics. The entertainment and toys E-waste includes consoles, gaming laptops, keyboards, headsets, webcam, charger, cooling pads, and joysticks.
  • Office equipment. These include printers, computers, scanners, copiers, and projectors.

Waukegan e-waste guide

Benefits of E-waste recycling and management

One of the ideal ways to responsibly discard electronic waste is through recycling. Apart from reducing the amount of dump in the landfills, sustainable E-waste management like recycling offers many benefits. One of the benefits is that your electronic recycler can safely retrieve and erase your data before recycling the electronic trash. Recycling also minimizes the exploitation of virgin resources hence saving the environment. Furthermore, E-waste recycling ensures the availability of raw materials to manufacture new electronics. Additionally, sustainable electronic waste management helps preserve energy and reduce land wastage due to mining. Another thing is that electronic recycling can reduce air pollution and preserve soil and water bodies.

Is there a Waukegan E-Waste Program?

The City of Waukegan, Illinois, has an e-waste recycling program. If you have a heap of electronic trash, you can consider scheduled pick-ups by the City’s waste management. The e-waste management program in Waukegan is under SWALCO (Solid Waste Agency of Lake County) Remember, they don’t pick your e-waste along with the residential trash.  Confirm with the agency for pick and drop-off days for electronic waste. Also, you can’t put all the residential electronics in the City’s recycling dumpster.

Here is a list of all the residential electronics you can recycle with SWALCO. If the agency is not an option, you can consider take-back and donation programs. Take-back programs offer an opportunity to return obsolete electronic devices to the manufacturer for safe disposal. Many stores like Best Buy also offer electronic recycling programs for residential electronics.  Donating electronics in perfect conditions for reuse is a sustainable alternative to discard electronic waste. Another sustainable way to manage electronics waste is to hire a private hauler.

Waste management facilities can offer excellent and affordable options to discard your e-waste. If you ever need help with construction and demolition (C&D) waste, you can count on TKG Services. We provide the dumpster and also haul the debris, so you don’t have to hassle. Contact us!

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Understanding Dumpster Rental Pricing

Are you looking to rent a dumpster container for the first time? The most critical question when hiring a dumpster rental is the dumpster rental pricing. I mean, you want to dispose of garbage, and your goal is to get the best bang for the buck. And you are probably wondering if it will cost you an arm and a leg, or you will get the deal of a lifetime. Let’s cut to the chase; there is no one-size cut for all residential and construction/commercial dumpsters. The reason is that dumpster containers come in different sizes, weight limits, and for various purposes. Today, we dig deeper and help you in understanding dumpster rental pricing to know whether you are getting the best dumpster rates or a rip-off.

What is included in dumpster rental pricing?

The first thing to help you understand dumpster rental pricing is to understand the factors determining the price. 

Different cost factors determine the overall cost of the roll-off container that you rent. These include;

  • The dumpster rental size

The roll-off container rental size is the first cost factor that determines the overall dumpster rental price. For instance, we offer various rental sizes, and that means each of these sizes has different tonnage—15, 30, and 40YD dumpsters. A 40-cubic yard dumpster provides more capacity, which means you can remove more debris. Ultimately, the 40-cubic yarder will cost more than the smaller roll-off containers. 

Typically, the price of a dumpster scales up with the volume.

  • Location of the job

Your location is also another cost variable that makes up the overall rental price. Typically, we put it as the delivery and pickup cost. Project locations that are far from the dumpster rental company will cost more than a nearby site. The secret to saving bucks here is to rent from a local facility.

  • Rental period

One common question a rental will ask you is, “how long will you need the dumpster rental?.” Your rental period is also another cost factor, and most rentals have a base rental period like three days, a week, two weeks, a month, etc. 

It would be best to estimate the time it will take you to load your junk into the dumpster to help you determine your rental period. If you underestimate your rental, it will cost you more to rent the dumpster at a daily rate. 

Luckily, your rental company has experts to help you estimate your rental period.

  • The debris you put inside the dumpster rental.

Do you want to eliminate heavy construction debris, or perhaps house junk? The type of debris is another cost factor that determines the dumpster rental pricing.

Typically, if most of your garbage is recyclable, you can expect the cost to be lower than discarding non-recyclable trash.

Also, different debris has different tonnage, so heavier trash will cost you more dollars than light garbage.

You should also note that toxic waste will attract fines and so it is best to let your rental about the waste you want to discard. 

understanding dumpster rental pricing

Potential additional dumpster costs

Apart from variables that determine your rental costs, there are also other potential charges. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will pay, but you can incur these costs if you breach the rental terms.

  • Overweight fees. If you put excess items above the recommended weight limit, you will pay fees to cover the extra tons of trash. 
  • Prohibited debris fees. Each rental company has a set of banned debris depending on the local codes. If you dump hazardous trash in the dumpster, you have to pay for such junk.
  • Dumpster rental extension fees. The roll-off rental company needs the dumpster back on the agreed pickup day for their smooth operations. If you fail to return the dumpster on the d-day, you will pay for the extended period so that the rental doesn’t run at a loss. 

Why understanding dumpster rental pricing is so important

When calling around, it can seem at first glance that one dumpster company is much cheaper than others, but understanding dumpster rental pricing ensure you don’t end up with hidden charges and fees. If you need reasonably low dumpster rental pricing, you need to hire a local company. TKG Services is your premier local dumpster rental expert. Contact us and we’ll take care of all your dumpster rental needs.


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Tips for Stress-Free Moving

Let me guess; you are wondering if stress-free moving is possible. 

Moving can be so much fun yet so stressful. This minute you are all excited to move into a new place, and the next minute you can’t deal with all the hiccups that come with moving. 

Moving is not all about packing and unpacking. There is much more work than meets the eye. For instance, you have to manage the packing and unpacking, utilities, crucial documents, heavy lifting, decluttering, and so much more.

You are lucky, though, because we are here to help you have stress-free moving. Below are helpful tips to help you achieve a seamless move.

Take time to declutter first.

This is perhaps the critical step to stress-free moving. Once you know the time frame to move, focus on eliminating junk in your house.

Decluttering can take a lot of time, and it can be more challenging than you can imagine.

The best thing is to start decluttering in advance when you are in the right headspace. 

Also, decluttering can significantly reduce stress when moving because you will have less to pack, transport, and unpack.

You can also start packing while you declutter your home before a move. 

Book movers in advance.

The most stressful thing when moving is not having the right team of movers. You need to pick your movers well ahead of time to avoid last-minute hassles. 

According to research, 13% of Americans move each year, which means movers can be pretty busy.

Also, you need to understand moving guidelines and get the costs in advance to avoid the eleventh-hour hitches. 

Additionally, ensure that you hire licensed and registered movers. The best place is to use the FMCSA website to find licensed movers with a clean track record of services.

While letting your movers help you move, you can have a reliable dumpster rental deal with the junk.

Utilize lists and labels

One stressful thing about moving is that it is easy to lose track of your inventory and misplace your items. Also, with no proper labeling, you can easily damage your items without knowing.

Not to mention that when moving, there is a chance of having a short attention span. And that means you can forget to pack some of your stuff or pack items you don’t need.

This is where the lists and labels come in. Ensure that you have a list of the items that you need to move and label each box.

Ensure that you number your boxes and list down the contents of the boxes against the number on your list.

Label your inventory with a name and color codes to make it easy to identify when unpacking.

Take images.

Many people attribute moving stress to not being able to put back items together when unpacking. It is easy to tear apart your furniture and unplugging wires but putting them together can be quite a hassle.

Use your phone camera to snap photos or record videos when disassembling your furniture, appliances, and other electrics. It will make it a breeze to put things back together in your new place.

Also, take images of your water, gas, and electricity readings. These are minor yet important things to do when moving.

Remember, you can also take images of all your inventory to track the things you are moving.

stress-free moving

Secure crucial documents

The biggest nightmare is to lose your crucial documents like certificates, house deeds, passports, and receipts in the event of moving. Ensure that you pack your documents in a place where you can quickly locate them. And to add a secure layer, you can make electronic copies of your documents ahead of time. 

There are also some miniature items like screws that can disappear without a trace. You can pack those in a clear ziplock bag and label them.

If you’re moving and need a dumpster to clear out junk before the big move, contact TKG Services today to schedule your dumpster rental.


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2021 Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Tips

Need to work on a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project? Both rooms play a huge vital role in a household. The kitchen provides a serene environment for creative meal cooking times and catching up with family and friends. On the other hand, the bathroom offers a sanctuary for you to prepare for the day and a “me time” after a hard day’s work. Also, these rooms have the most traffic in the house, which means wear and tear are inevitable. Plus, there is always a desire to do remodeling jobs and transform our living spaces. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling not only change your living space. These features have sold homes since time immemorial with huge returns on investments—according to RemodelingIf you are set up for a challenge and need to tackle the kitchen and bathroom renovation, these are the remodeling tips to help you ace the job.

  • Understand the cost of a kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Whether you want to do a kitchen and bathroom remodeling to sell the house and transform your living space, the cost is the ultimate factor. Understanding the amount of money it will cost you to renovate is necessary before starting on anything.

What is the scale of the makeover you want to do? The kitchen and bathroom remodeling size will determine the amount of money you will have to shell out. 

The average cost of a kitchen renovation project depends on the level of work you plan to do. According to The Spruce, a kitchen renovation can be anything under $30000 or way up to $150,000.

According to Home Advisor, the average cost of bath remodeling is $10,928. If you want to make bathroom additions, you may want to dig deeper into your pockets. 

Of course, the above figures are a mere estimation, and the cost of remodeling a kitchen and bath depends on the size, location, features, and much more. 

You can consult a professional expert for accurate costs for your project.

kitchen and bathroom remodeling tips

  • Should you do a DIY kitchen and bath remodeling or the contractor way?

We can all agree that 2021 kitchen and bath remodeling is a little different. The reason is that with the right tools and few video tutorials on Youtube, anyone can do DIY remodeling. And that begs the question, when do you need to go solo or hire a contractor?

Before you start renovating, you need to decide whether to do it yourself or leave it to the pros.

Typically, you will need to consider the time, skills, and expertise before taking on a kitchen and bath remodeling project.

While any novice can handle painting and installing a kitchen backsplash, hiring a contractor for intricate fixtures like electrical, plumbing, flooring installation, and other structural changes is crucial.

The ideal route you can take is to DIY, where you can handle and leave the rest to the pros. And you can save a little cash on your kitchen and bath remodeling.

  • Get a kitchen and bathroom remodeling plan.

Another crucial thing in such projects is the remodeling plan. The plan is the ultimate guide to your renovation project. Your goal should project the remodeling timeline, budget, materials, and every other detail that goes into your project.

Again you can take advantage of your contractor to create a realistic renovation plan.

  • Consider the current kitchen and bathroom renovation trends. 

And last but not least, you should give a thought to current kitchen and bath remodeling trends. 

There are top bathroom design trends you might want to try for your home bathroom. Some of them include large format tiles, floating vanities, heated floors, smart toilets, and much more. 

Best 2021 kitchen and bathroom renovation tips

Kitchen and bath remodeling can be both exciting and challenging. Carefully create a strategy and ace your project within your timeline. And remember, TKG Services is your crew for a dumpster rental for the debris. 


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2021 Kenosha Recycling Tips

Do you recycle your household garbage in Kenosha? Perhaps you want to start recycling your C&D debris? With the current terrific population growth rate, it means that the amounts of municipal solid waste generation will spike up—and that means recycling is crucial. According to the EPA, in a bid to reduce the environments’ carbon footprints, recycling also creates thousands of job opportunities and boosts the economy.  Additionally, recycling is an excellent source of raw materials for manufacturing industries in America and hence minimizes the mining of natural resources. If you are bracing up for successful recycling, here are 2021 Kenosha recycling tips.

Your Best 2021 Kenosha Recycling Tips

Set your household for recycling

If you plan to participate in Kenosha recycling, then the best place to start is at home. You can divert endless trash into the recycling bin instead of tossing them into the trash can.

What’s more? Recycling at home is ideal for cutting your residential garbage, which is often more expensive to dispose of. And that means you save a few dollars on the garbage disposal. 

One of the best ways to set your household for recycling is to learn the household items that you can repurpose. Eliminate the confusion on what to recycle home by understanding the local acceptable recycling material. This helps you avoid contaminating the recyclable garbage you collect. 

Check the conditions on collecting and keeping recycling materials in your household before hauling them to the transfer station. Each municipal has their guidelines regarding recycling, so it is best that your check them out. For instance, should you remove the bottle caps or leave them? Should you mix colored and non-colored glass bottles for recycling?

Another thing is to get the recycling can so it is easy to separate items for recycling. 

Join your local recycling program

If you want to be part of the change and promote recycling in your city, joining your local recycling programs is best. You will learn about the local codes on recycling and also help transform the environment through active participation. 

Joining your local Kenosha recycling program also helps you contribute to creating new recycling guidelines. For instance, if you feel like the list of acceptable recyclables should be expanded, you can share your ideas through such recycling programs. 

Kenosha recycling tips

Know the truths from the recycling myths 

One thing that is taking recycling two steps backward is the recycling myth. It would be best if you debunked myths on recycling because they can make your recycling efforts go to waste.

For example, there is a recycling myth that as long as the item has a recycling arrow in it, it means it is recyclable. The recycling arrows on a packaging or plastic item are not direct tickets to the recycling bin. You need to understand these symbols and their means when it comes to recycling. Plastics, for example, come with different recycling symbols depending on the material type used in the manufacturing.

Another common recycling myth is that you can recycle glass jars and bottles. While it is true, some material recovery facilities may not accept colored glass waste. 

And that means you can’t put green or dark brown glass bottles in the recycling bin. The best thing is to check with your local recycling facility to understand the recyclable glass garbage. 

Adopt the best recycling strategies

Recycling doesn’t mean that you only need to focus on the kitchen. There are a million things and projects that produce waste, including construction, demolitions, and remodeling. 

TKG Services specializes in recycling C&D in Kenosha and beyond. From masonry materials to roofing shingles, we accept, sort, and recycle construction and demolition garbage. 

If you need help with C&D recycling, reach out to us. We are proud to be the reliable Kenosha recycling expert. 


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Kenosha DIY Remodeling Guide

Are you ready to do a DIY remodeling but find the project’s scope daunting? The process of mastering home DIYs can be challenging. Often, you have to read through endless articles on the internet, watch DIY videos and tutorials for hours on end and properly get experts’ views. However challenging a DIY can be, the best part is that results are always rewarding. DIY projects can help you discover new skills, gain confidence, uncover your talents and design something epic. Are you ready to work on your DIY project? Whether you want to update and improve your house’s usability, fix the new home to suit your lifestyle, or change the existing finishes, this Kenosha DIY remodeling guide is handy.

Step-by-step Kenosha DIY remodeling guide.

Create your DIY blueprint

Chances are, you have an idea of what you want to work on. Whether you plan to flip the entire house, fix the kitchen, or the bathroom, you know the things that you need to improve.

However, the best thing is to create your DIY blueprint. The DIY project plan will help you determine what you can do, things you need to do, and projects you need to delegate to a contractor.

Create a list of things you wish to renovate, and while doing so, you may want to consider renovations that bring a return on investment. 

DIY remodeling projects like minor kitchen remodeling or bathroom updates can bring you ROI.

With your DIY remodeling blueprint at hand, you can take the next remodeling steps like preparing for the actual renovation, budgeting, getting design plans, and hiring contractors.

Create your DIY “inspiration book”

Do you have your renovation design plan? A collection of inspiration images can also come in handy. You can create your DIY remodeling look book that you can refer to at any time to ensure that your project is on the right track.

Home renovation ideas like these ones on Home Edit can give you a head start on the designs to consider.

Protect your fragile items

Remodeling projects involve a lot of lifting, moving, demolitions, dust, and debris. And this means something is bound to break if you don’t secure it properly. 

The last thing you want is to break your high-end vases, art collections, or electronics. Before you level the walls, consider moving your fragile and essential items to a safe storage place. 

For instance, if you are renovating the living room, you should move the furniture, electronics, and any valuable item out of the way.

If you are doing an entire home remodeling, you can consider renting a nearby storage space for your household items.

Additionally, remember to use protective sheeting to prevent your items from paints and debris.

Kenosha DIY remodeling guide

Take your DIY remodeling one step at a time

When it comes to hands-on remodeling, you need to start small—and celebrate each accomplishment. Tackling one project at a time will set you up for more significant achievements. 

Start with easy-to-do DIYs like minor kitchen renovations and scale up depending on your skills. Remember to stop when you need to, and that learning is continuous. 

Get the remodeling tools

If you are your general contractor, it means that you need to have all the tools for your DIY remodeling project. The drawback of this is that you may need a lot of capital to purchase some tools.

One of the main reasons you are going the DIY route is to cut costs. So when it comes to sourcing for remodeling tools, the best idea is to hire. You can rent your renovation equipment from a local tool rental.

Demolish and clean up

Once you get the tools, it is time to get your DIY remodeling in Kenosha up and running. Identify fixtures that should remain intact to avoid knocking them during demolition.

If you aren’t sure, you can consult your professional contractor. Start decluttering and ultimately demolish. You will need a dumpster for the refuse, and you can hire one from TKG Services.

Begin remodeling!

DIY remodeling doesn’t have to be an uphill endeavor. Tackle your project head and remember to start small. 

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Plan a Summer Yard Sale in Waukegan

How to Plan a Summer Yard Sale in Waukegan

Do you want to turn your clutter into some cold cash? Junk sitting around or strewn all over your rooms wastes a lot of space. And often, a big challenge when it comes to cleaning up your home. However, there are perfect junk solutions to help you dispose of clutter. One of the brilliant clutter removal solutions is yard sales. Putting your old and unused household items up for sale is ideal for adding more cash to your wallet while sustainably discarding junk. Ideally, you can sell your unwanted household items online. However, this can drag on for days, weeks, and even months before you dispose of everything. A summer yard sale in Waukegan is an easy and fast way to declutter on the weekend. For instance, you only bring your stuff to the yard, and customers are there to buy.

1. Choose a strategic summer yard sale day.

The first thing when planning your yard sale in Waukegan is to set up the best dates. For a successful yard sale, you need to consider the best dates to get the most customers. During summer, potential buyers are available on Fridays and weekends, so it is best to choose a date that falls on a weekend. 

Also, it is best to consider any other events in your area. For example, summer tends to have many activities, and you don’t want to have a no-show summer yard sale. 

2. Check on yard sale permits in Waukegan.

The most crucial part of a yard sale is getting the yard sale permits. The City of Waukegan provides guidelines on hosting yard sales. For instance, there are ordinances on putting up billboards and zoning.

Ensure that you get the proper yard sale permits.

3. Enlist yard sale partners.

Once you have the green light to host a summer yard sale, you can bring your friends and family to share in the yard sale. That means they can get their consignment to the event. 

This is a terrific way to offer your potential yard sale buyers with various items to buy.

4. Edit your home and collect items to sell.

You need products to sell on the d-day, and that means you have to declutter your house. Purge the attic, basement, closets, kitchen, and any other place to get stuff to sale. 

House declutter is the perfect way to get rid of old items in the house. Use labeled boxes to store your items for sale.

summer yard sale in Waukegan

5. Get your payment options ready.

Buyers have preferred ways of making payments. So, provide options for buyers who will use an electronic system to pay and use cash. And that means you need to prep a cash box with loose change and online payment systems like PayPal, Cashapp, and Venmo.

6. Market your summer yard sale.

To get more traffic to your yard sale and make more sales, you need to let people know when and how the summer yard will happen. You can use the internet for marketing like listing your event on the Yard Sale Finder, Nextdoor, and Yard Sale Search. 

Additionally, you can use social media like Facebook and Instagram to amplify the word. 

Yard sale signs are also an option if you have the permitting to place them in your area.

7. Itemize and price your merchandise.

Make your summer yard sale a breeze by itemizing your consignment and pricing them accordingly. Be creative and DIY your price tags instead of buying them at the store. 

Create low-cost items and also try to make it easy for your buyers to fish through the things.

Host your summer yard sale in Waukegan

Once you have the summer yard sale plan and items ready, you can host a yard sale in Waukegan and get rid of those pesky household junk. 

A summer yard sale can be more exciting when you have a roll-off dumpster to haul junk and contain refuse during the event. Hire TKG Services


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Guide to Easy Remodeling Ideas

Do you have the remodeling know-how and ready to explore the endless possibilities of updating your home? If you can’t wait to remodel your home, then know that you are not alone. According to a remodeling impact survey, homeowners spend over $400 billion to renovate their homes and do repairs each year. What makes remodeling a home easy? Nowadays, there are endless remodeling ideas online and television programs to spark inspiration. So if you are ready to hop on the remodeling bandwagon, here is a guide to easy remodeling ideas. 

Preparing for a Remodeling Project

But first, let’s look at how you can prepare for a remodeling project, whether you are doing kitchen, bathroom, or multi-room remodeling work.

  • Have a remodeling budget plan. Whether you are fixing the faucet or eliminating the kitchen island, a remodeling budget plan is indispensable. 
  • Handle some of the house renovations if you have the skills and time. Updating a home can be quite an expensive affair. If you can DIY some of the projects, you can save money while adding elegance, functionality, and value to your property. The best thing is with online DIY guides, Youtube tutorials, and TV programs; you can quickly learn and do DIY remodeling projects.
  • Get a roll-off container and be in charge of your remodeling debris. Home remodeling projects are not without extensive amounts of trash. Request ten, 20, or 30 cubic yard containers from TKG Services for your remodeling debris. Trust me; it will be so much easier and cheaper to have a rental company at your disposal.
  • Work with what you have at hand. Sometimes, renovations call for a little bit of creativity, and you can reuse or recycle materials you have to update your home. 
  • Eliminate clutter before you start refurbishing your home. DIY home renovation is much easier when there is no trash blocking the way. 

remodeling ideas in Waukegan

Easy Remodeling Ideas

1. Renovate your bathrooms

A bathroom is one of the vital rooms in a home. It is a spot that gives you spa vibes and a calm place to have a few minutes for yourself. You can redesign the entire bathroom, replace the faucet, bathtub, tiles, or add a vanity. You can check out these bathroom renovation ideas for your next project. 

2. Update the kitchen island. 

Your kitchen does more than you can imagine. It is a perfect spot to prepare your meals, drop groceries before putting them away to using it to chat up with friends and family. You can add a kitchen island or renovate the existing one with new countertops. Also, you can replace the cabinets and add a contemporary touch of color. While in the kitchen, you can also add a backsplash and freshen up the kitchen walls.

3. Improve your basement. 

Do you need a man cave, an extra bedroom, or a home office? Finish up your basement area and update it with fresh paint and carpeting. You can set up your home office or create your gym area. 

4. Refurbish your living room.

There are countless ways to rearrange and fix your living room. You can replace the carpet, furniture, knock down walls to have an open design, and add a new color to your walls. Also, you can replace the windows to allow in more natural lighting and replace the entry door. Also, take advantage of the space under the stairs. You can transform it into a bookshelf or add storage cabinets to have a more minimalist sofa area. 

5. Deck makeover.

Taking care of your house’s exterior is equally important. Renovating your deck with new wood decks will give a good impression and increase your property’s resale value. You can also fix the deck if it has seen its better days. 


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Decluttering Tips Before Moving

Top Decluttering Tips Before Your Move

Moving day is around the corner, which means you are about to pack your entire house into boxes and suitcases ready for a move. With lifting stuff here and there, packing and unpacking, moving houses is not an easy job. What’s worse? You may not realize how much trash you have until you start packing. Nothing sucks more than having clutter standing in between you and your new home. Every good moving checklist will tell you one thing: you have to declutter before moving to your new home. Why?

  • You will save transportation costs because you will have only essential items to move to your new home. 
  • Decluttering can earn you a few bucks. Selling those usable shoes, clothes, or even furniture and appliances on a moving sale can make you more money while reducing the clutter.
  • You will save time packing your belongings and also save plenty of space in your new house. Given how busy life can be, you may have little time to pack for a move, so the fewer the things you need to fill, the better.  
  • Moving will be stress-free. Knickknacks can be a pain in the kneck when moving houses. Decluttering will make the process easy and painless for you.

Here are the must-know decluttering tips before moving.

 Set a declutter day

The first thing on your action plan is that you need to set a declutter day. Use this day to purge through your items and decide what to keep and what to toss away. You can plan to clean out your home a month or three weeks before the moving day. This timeframe will give you ample time to organize yourself, sell, donate, and dumps items that you no longer use. 

Get your supplies ready.

You will need storage and organizational supplies as you declutter, so it is best to source for these items early. Get your cardboard boxes and probably book a roll-off container if you anticipate a lot of clutter. You can have three sets of boxes and label them with keep, donate/sell, trash. Labeling and organizing make it easy to pack items as you declutter.

Start with one room at a time.

Cleaning out an entire house, especially before a move, is not an easy thing. Start decluttering early with one room at a time. Cleaning out the junk by rooms ensures that you are consistent, efficient and guarantees a thoroughly clean job. Also, you will be able to organize and keep tabs on each room’s items as you clean up. For example, you can start with your bedroom, closet, or storage rooms as you move to the rooms with less clutter.

There can be a gray line when it comes to throwing away some of your items, which may be hard for you. However, you need to be ruthless with things that you’ve not touched or used in the last twelve months-yes; the twelve-month-declutter rule is the magic.

decluttering tips

Clean out early to give yourself plenty of time.

When you plan to move, you must declutter ahead of time to find enough time for everything. In between now and the day you plan to move, you may need to sell, donate, or dump the junk. And not forgetting that you have other things to handle like your regular job. Start your declutter job early so that it does not overwhelm you during the last days.

Ask for help to declutter.

A declutter project is not easy, and it can break your back. Ask for immediate help from friends or family whenever you feel that you can’t handle it alone. Outsourcing parts of your decluttering job like junk hauling and disposal is a good idea. Asking for help or hiring junk haulers will save you time and money. 

Start your life in a new home with less clutter.

Whenever you are ready to declutter, TKG Environmental Services is here to help you haul and dump the trash.


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DIY Home Projects with the Best ROI

The Ultimate List of DIY Home Projects with the Best ROI

Are you yearning to do a home renovation and looking for a DIY project with the best return on investment? The COVID pandemic has given us much more time at home, and it is no surprise if you want to keep yourself busy with a weekend DIY. And if the renovation makes some sense for the cents, the better. A home project with the best return on investment refers to those projects that have the potential to amplify the value of your property. If you update your house to add a cool feature like an outdoor living space, buyers will like it and be willing to pay more for the home. One exciting thing about DIY remodeling projects is that it gives you a sense of satisfaction when you put your time and money in it. If you care about the return on investment of your home project, this is your post. We’ve put together a list of DIY home projects with the best ROI.

Routine landscaping

The exterior part of your home creates the first impression to a potential buyer, and if it is not appealing to you, potential buyers won’t like it either. This means that regular lawn maintenance can recoup the best return on investment. According to a study, properties with pristine landscapes sell for more than houses without manicured yards. So if you conduct routine landscaping like adding a focal point, mowing, mulching, watering, and fertilizing your plants can boost your curb appeal. Prune overgrown bushes and dump yard stumps and branches. Sometimes raising your curb appeal may be as simple as giving the front home space fresh paint. 

Create outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces are the best place to hang out with family and friends as you enjoy warm weather. It can also be a nice spot to light up a campfire to warm up the place as you enjoy the night. Creating outdoor living spaces can be a rewarding DIY home project. Create a patio area complete with outdoor furniture, a fire pit, and a grilling area. You can research inspirational designs for an ambient outdoor living space. 

Keep up with your kitchen.

A minor kitchen improvement is also another home project with the best return on investment. A minor kitchen renovation that amplifies its cosmetic look can recoup over 98% return on investment. These little kitchen improvement jobs don’t require you to knock down or add walls. It can be as simple as illuminating your kitchen with fresh paint and lighting makeover, adding a backsplash, new hardware, updating the countertops, or upgrading your kitchen appliances.

DIY home projects with the best ROI

Do minor bathroom renovations.

Are you tired of the same bathroom hardware, old caulk, or tile finishing? Well, minor bathroom renovation projects have the best resale value at 102%, according to HGTV. Install new matching bathroom hardware like the faucet, vanity, knobs, towel bars, etc. You can also give your bathroom fresh paint, fix the lighting, update the mirrors, recaulk, or deep clean for a new bathroom look. Additionally, you can replace or remove bathroom doors, replace the tiles and the toilet with modern high-end designs. 

Light up your yard

Installing outdoor lights is also another DIY home project with the best return on investment. Lighting up the yard not only makes your yard’s cosmetic look stand out at night, but it also illuminates the walk paths and enhances security at night. Install a lighting system with features that flow well with your landscape. You can opt for LED lighting or solar-powered. Also, there is a lighting system that detects motion and offers high-end security.

Replace the entrance door

A stylish front door on your home can fetch the top dollar when you resale. Replace your old, bland front door with a modern, elegant design to enhance your security and boost your house’s curb appeal.

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