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Hazardous Waste to Keep Out of Dumpsters

Hazardous waste is a growing problem in modern society, and the improper disposal of such waste can have dire consequences for human health and the environment. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of hazardous waste and the proper disposal methods. Let’s explore some of the most common types of dangerous waste and why you should keep them out of dumpsters.

What is hazardous waste?

First and foremost, it is crucial to understand what hazardous waste is. Hazardous waste is any material that threatens human health or the environment due to its chemical composition or other properties. This waste can include everything from toxic chemicals and flammable liquids to batteries and electronics.

What are examples of hazardous waste to keep out of dumpsters?

Most of the products and electronics we use at home are toxic, and telling the difference between hazardous and non-hazardous can be tricky. Let’s look at dangerous waste examples so you don’t put them in your dumpster. 

Household chemicals

One of the most common types of hazardous waste is household chemicals. These can include cleaning agents, pesticides, and paints. While these products may be harmless in small quantities, they can seriously threaten human health and the environment when improperly disposed of. For example, if these chemicals are poured down the drain or placed in a dumpster, they can contaminate groundwater and harm wildlife.

Medical Waste

Medical waste includes anything that comes into contact with bodily fluids or infectious materials, such as needles, syringes, and medical gloves. These materials can carry diseases and infections that can be transmitted to others if not disposed of properly.


Electronic waste, or e-waste, is another common hazardous waste you should not toss in a dumpster. This includes old computers, televisions, and other electronic devices. E-waste can contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, posing detrimental health risks if disposed of improperly. 

Furthermore, e-waste is non-biodegradable and can build up in the environment pretty quickly, thanks to the high-use rate of electronics. Burning electronic waste is not wise; this process releases toxic properties like beryllium and lead into the air. 

In addition, electronic devices often contain personal information that someone can access and steal if you don’t dispose of them correctly.

Highly-flammable liquids

Flammable liquids are another hazardous waste you shouldn’t keep in dumpsters, including gasoline, paint thinner, and other chemicals that can easily catch fire. If you don’t discard these toxic materials properly, they can pose a grave fire hazard.

Asbestos and batteries

In addition to the types of hazardous waste listed above, there are many other materials you should not throw in dumpsters. These can include batteries, asbestos, and radioactive materials. 

Exposure to lead properties in batteries can damage the human brain, causing memory loss. It can also cause cardiovascular issues and premature deliveries in pregnant women.

Asbestos can cause severe respiratory problems if you inhale them. Protect your children and pets from coming in contact with such toxic materials. It is essential to research the proper methods for disposing of any materials that may be hazardous before attempting to dispose of them. Check the packaging material for handling and disposal procedures.

Reasons not to throw toxic garbage in the roll-off dumpster.

So why is it so important to keep hazardous waste out of dumpsters? There are several reasons. 

First, hazardous waste can pose a severe threat to human health. If these materials are not disposed of properly can contaminate groundwater and harm wildlife. In addition, they can also release toxic fumes into the air, which can cause respiratory problems and other health issues.

Second, hazardous waste can have detrimental consequences for the environment. Many of these materials can take hundreds or even thousands of years to break down, and during that time, they can cause significant damage to the ecosystem. For example, if hazardous waste finds its way into a river or other water body, it can contaminate the water and kill fish and other wildlife.

Finally, improper disposal of hazardous waste can also result in legal consequences. In many cases, it is illegal to dispose of toxic waste in dumpsters or other non-designated locations. If they find you liable for doing so, you could get fines or even criminal charges.

What do you do with hazardous waste?

So what steps should you take if you have hazardous waste? The first step is to research the proper methods for disposing of your specific type of waste. This may involve contacting your local waste management facility or researching online. 

Once you have determined the proper disposal method, follow all instructions carefully to ensure the waste is disposed of safely and legally.

Hazardous waste is a serious problem with significant consequences. We can all play a part in properly disposing of hazardous debris.

TKG Services specializes in collecting residential and commercial garbage. Environmental protection is our priority, and we do due diligence, ensuring responsible waste disposal. Call us when you need roll-off dumpsters and C&d recycling.

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2023 Sustainable Living Tips in Kenosha

Kenosha, a city in southeastern Wisconsin, is home to over 100,000 people. As the world grapples with climate change, Kenosha’s individuals are responsible for adopting sustainable living practices. By doing so, they can play a part in reducing the negative impacts of human activities on the environment. In 2023, Kenosha residents can take several steps to lead more sustainable lifestyles. Read on for our sustainable living tips.

Sustainable Living Tips: How Can I Be 100% Sustainable?

Drive Less to Cut Carbon Footprint

The increase in greenhouse gas emissions seriously threatens the global climate. Transportation is one of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 27%. In Kenosha, many alternative modes of transportation can reduce your carbon footprint. Consider using public transit, cycling, or walking to work, school, or other local errands. One good thing about cycling or walking is that they’re eco-friendly and can help you hit those exercise milestones. 

In addition, you can join or create a carpool with family, colleagues, or neighbors, which can be a fun way to know your community better while reducing your impact on the environment. Your contribution to reducing the number of vehicles on the road can contribute to a better future. 

Switch to Renewable Energy Sources.

Another essential step to living sustainably is to adopt renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power. While installing renewable energy systems in homes can be challenging, Kenosha residents can purchase renewable energy credits through their utility provider. These credits will support the production of renewable energy and can help reduce the use of fossil fuels. Using renewable energy provides more than an eco-friendly power source; It can help you save money. 

Reduce Water Usage

Another step you can take as a Kenosha resident is to lead a sustainable life by reducing water usage in your homes. You can achieve this by installing low-flow shower heads and faucets, fixing leaks as soon as possible, and reducing the time spent in the shower. Additionally, consider using a rain barrel to collect and use rainwater for lawn and garden maintenance. These small changes can significantly reduce water usage and help conserve this precious resource.

Reduce Waste

Reducing waste is another important way to live sustainably, and Kenosha residents can do this by recycling and composting. Recycling bins are available throughout the city, and residents are encouraged to recycle all acceptable materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal. 

How much food scrap and green debris do you produce? Numbers indicate that food waste is about 24.1% of municipal waste. If this food waste ends up in a landfill, it will create a humongous amount of greenhouse gases. One of the most eco-friendly solutions is composting. You can install your home compost and divert food scrap and yard waste, which you’ll use to enrich your garden soil. Composting reduces waste and provides a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used in gardens and landscaping.

Buy Locally Sourced and Sustainable Products.

Buying locally sourced and sustainable products is another way to support sustainable living in Kenosha. You can reduce transportation’s environmental impact by purchasing locally-grown food while supporting local farmers. Additionally, consider buying products made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo or recycled plastic, as they are often more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts. Creating a market for sustainable products can motivate entrepreneurs and companies to produce eco-friendly products. 

Practice Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is another crucial step towards sustainable living. Reduce energy usage by turning off lights and electronics when not in use, using energy-efficient light bulbs, and adjusting thermostats to reduce energy consumption. You can also reduce energy usage using natural lighting and ventilation rather than relying on electric lighting and air conditioning.

Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products.

Finally, using environmentally friendly cleaning products is another crucial step towards sustainable living in Kenosha. Many traditional cleaning supplies contain harmful chemicals that can harm the environment and human health. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products, Kenosha residents can reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals while reducing their cleaning routine’s environmental impact.

Recycle C&D Debris

Do you have curbside recycling in Kenosha? That’s a big step towards sustainable living. But did you know you can recycle more than typical trash? Learning more about and practicing recycling is another excellent way to boost sustainable living. Repurposing and reusing things helps reduce the detrimental impact of human activities on the environment. 

TKG Services provides recycling services for construction and demolition waste. The debris we recycle includes masonry materials, rock, wood, roofing shingles, wall coverings, plaster, drywall, plumbing, fixtures, metals, wires, plastics, and cardboard. 

Lead A Sustainable Life in Kenosha

2023 presents an opportunity for Kenosha residents to take essential steps toward sustainable living. By reducing carbon emissions, conserving water and energy, reducing waste, buying sustainable products, and using environmentally friendly cleaning products, you can contribute to a more sustainable and resilient community. Call us when you need a dumpster rental or C&D recycling.

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5 Reasons to Clean Out Junk Now

Do you feel strapped down with junk? Nothing is more overwhelming than having too much stuff crammed in your space. Household garbage can drag you physically and mentally, and the last thing you need is to start the year at a slow pace. Cleaning out junk is an excellent way to eliminate chaos and restore tranquility in your house. However, decluttering is no easy job; cleaning the clutter takes time and determination. It is easy to put off cleaning out junk, especially if you’ve a sheer amount of it to dispose of. But not to worry, below are five reasons to clean out junk now. 

What Are The Reasons to Clean Out Junk Now?

Cleaning out junk now has more benefits than you can imagine. Getting rid of garbage now is a way of reducing waste disposal costs and keeping up with your house. Furthermore, you’ll get your breathable space, reduce stress, make money, and eliminate safety hazards. 

Get Your Space Back

It can be super stressful dealing with garbage-filled spaces. Clutter can take up so much space and time; you’re stuck with tons of useless stuff stacked between items you need to use daily. And this means it takes you more time to find something you need. The worst part is that junk can make you think you need a bigger house when in the real sense, you need to shed the excess load. 

If you’re contemplating a bigger space because of your stuff, it is time to show the debris the door. Cleaning out every knickknack can create a beautiful space you thought you never had. Having a free space makes everything less overwhelming, and it is much easier to locate something you need in the house.

Declutter Your Mind

Do you feel like everyone and everything in the house is competing for your attention? The issue stems from the junk in your home. Too much garbage has been linked with cortisol, which increases stress levels. When stressed, performing in other areas of your life can be challenging. Typically, your subconscious mind will always remind you of unfinished projects (cleaning), affecting your productivity. This can make you feel discontent and spend more time cleaning.

Removing and disposing of junk can reduce stress and help create a peaceful home. It saves you time in the morning when rushing to work, and you don’t have to worry about returning in the evening.

Improve Your Home’s Safety

Household junk can be a potential safety hazard in your home, and having garbage strewn everywhere can create a tripping hazard. Furthermore, you risk blocking emergency exit points, making it stressful to get out of the house fast. Junk can be highly-flammable, and you’re putting your property at risk of fires the more you keep the debris. 

Additionally, the debris can aggravate respiratory diseases. Molds can grow beneath the stack of boxes, and you may notice it when it is too late. Plus, garbage can be a haven for bugs and other pests. Disposing of junk now is an excellent way to boost your home’s safety and eliminate pests.

Make Money When You Clean Out Junk

Did you know you can cash on junk? Some items taking space are in excellent condition, and you can sell or donate them. Decluttering is the best time to uncover treasures like old jewelry, electronics, clothes, shoes, furniture, and much more. Pick everything you want to discard and see if you can put it on a yard sale.

Increase Productivity

When you clean out junk, it gives you a sense of clarity, and cleaning a clutter-free space is easy and time-saving. Importantly, you can focus on your family and work when there is no trash distracting you. Contact TKG Services for a dumpster today!

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Roll Off Rental Permits in Kenosha

When and how to get a permit for your roll of dumpster rental in Kenosha? Dumpster permits are unnecessary except for specific circumstances when renting a roll-off container. A dumpster permit is like any other permitting document granted to you by the City of Kenosha, and it gives you the right to use a public space to place your dumpster rental. Starting your projects without a dumpster permit is against the local guidelines, and the city can charge a penalty fee, and you’ll spend more money. The wise thing to do is to plan for a dumpster permit beforehand and get it before beginning your project. Often, you can obtain your dumpster permit, or you can ask your hauler to help. The key is understanding whether you need roll off rental permits in Kenosha.

Who Needs Roll Off Rental Permits in Kenosha?

Dumpster permit requirements vary, depending on the job site location. Ideally, you don’t have to stress over a permit if you’ll put the dumpster on your property. The only time to request roll off rental permits in Kenosha is when using public property. The City of Kenosha provides dumpster permits under the right-of-way permits, and you’ll have to pay a fee to get them. While you can get a license within 24 hours of applying in Kenosha, applying a few days or weeks earlier is best. 

How do you figure out when you need a dumpster permit in Kenosha? It is easy! Your project estimate, dumpster size, and the available space on the work site can help you. If the dumpster size you need can’t fit on your property, you can consider using the lawn walk, lane, or lawn park. If your dumpster blocks the road, you must notify the users at least 24 hours before enclosing the area. 

What is the cost of getting a permit for a dumpster rental in Kenosha? It costs $40 for a temporary occupancy permit. Your project start and end date serve as the permit duration, and you can request a permit extension if you need more time to finish your project. 

Requirements to Get Roll Off Rental Permits in Kenosha

You can request a dumpster rental permit online for your home or commercial project in Kenosha. Fill out a simple online form, which can take less than five minutes, pay the fee and wait for processing. You’ll need to submit your personal information, your project location, spaces that’ll be impacted, and your estimated project schedule. You agree to adhere to all the local and federal guidelines by filling out and submitting the dumpster permit form. During your project, you must guarantee public safety and restore the street to its original, usable condition after completing it. Contact the department of public works if you need more clarification on dumpster permits in Kenosha. 

Order Your Dumpster Delivery After Getting the Permit

As stated above, you can only begin a project once you get the permit if required to get one. Some dumpster rental companies might request a copy of the license or the permit code before delivering the dumpster. Our free consultation services can help you figure out if you need a dumpster rental permit in Kenosha. We provide unrivaled dumpster rental solutions, whether you need a 30, 30, or 10 cubic yard dumpster.

TKG Services goes above, ensuring you get the dumpster rental on schedule. We’ll let you know the best dumpster size for your job site, whether you’re planning to use the street or your property. Furthermore, our friendly crew ensures you dispose of garbage hassle-free, creating a clutter-free space. Contact us and take advantage of our personalized wallet-friendly dumpster rental rates in Kenosha.


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Understanding Dumpster Rental Fees

Dumpster rental fees are additional costs you might have to cover out-of-pocket, which can be a nightmare. When renting a dumpster, there is a dumpster use agreement between you and the company. Follow the instructions to avoid paying dumpster overage fees. The extra fees can be added to your final bill! Thankfully, understanding dumpster rental fees allows you to plan properly and avoid overages. Understanding what you can do with the dumpster and how to use it ensures that the bill reflects the initial quote. TKG Services provides flat rate estimates for dumpster rental, simplifying your budget. You can call us any time you have questions on dumpster rental pricing. 

Excellent Ways to Prevent Dumpster Rental Fees

Get the Correct Dumpster Size

Overloading is one of the common reasons renters end up paying dumpster overage fees. Selecting the wrong dumpster size can lead to overfilling, especially if you end up with extra debris than anticipated. Estimating the size of your waste is a surefire way to pick the right dumpster size.

Overloading or overfilling—you can overload a dumpster even if it is half full or cram it even if you’ve not exceeded the weight limit, depending on the materials you pitch. Work with your rental provider, ensuring you book the right dumpster size to match your waste removal needs. When ordering the dumpster, you must let your company know the type of debris you want to dispose of—some materials like concrete, asphalt, and other masonry waste.

What dumpster size fits your job? TKG Services provides 10, 20, and 30-cubic yard containers, ideal for small, medium, and large projects. 

Don’t Pitch Prohibited Debris

Dumpster rental companies have restrictions on the things you can discard in the roll-off dumpster. The list of acceptable waste varies from one city to the other; understand the ones you can put in a dumpster in your area. A dumpster rental company may charge a fee to accommodate the handling and disposal of prohibited waste.

Furthermore, your hauler may not pick up the debris or can return them if they don’t meet the list of acceptable waste. All these can cause delays and costs more.

Should I cover a dumpster during rain? The answer is yes! You should always cover your dumpster when it rains to avoid debris absorbing additional water weight.

Optimize Your Rental Period

Another thing to do to avoid dumpster overage fees is to use and return the roll-off container on time. We limit dumpster rental to a specific timeframe, with the costs covered in your flat-rate fee. For instance, you can rent a dumpster for seven days, two weeks, or even one month. You’ll pay an extra fee to keep the bin for additional days—it can be pro-rated per day until it’s picked up. 

Avoid this by optimizing your rental period and returning the dumpster on time. A rental extension is an option. At TKG Services, we accommodate dumpster rental extensions.

Fill Your Roll-Off Container Within The Limits

Whether renting the smallest 10-cubic yard dumpster or the biggest 30-cubic yard roll-off, it is vital to understand the fill and weight limit. Construction or demolition jobs can be unpredictable, resulting in more debris than you’d planned. 

If you find yourself in such situations, requesting a dumpster swap out or a second roll-off rental is best. This is because overfilling or loading puts everyone’s safety at risk. Requesting a second container in such a scenario is much cheaper than paying overfilling fees.

Should I cover the dumpster during rein? Great question! Water can saturate the debris, increasing the weight of the contents, which is not favorable. Use a tarp or a lid to protect the dumpster from rain or snow. 

TKG Services is only a call away when you need construction, demolition, or yard dumpster.

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Waukegan Weekend Renovation Projects

Are you looking for Waukegan weekend renovation projects to do? The weekend is the perfect time to complete simple home renovation projects and make your property efficient, inviting, and a haven you can retreat to every day. There are many simple weekend renovation projects, whether you’re considering a kitchen renovation or improving the exterior. These simple home remodeling projects can have an immense impact on your home. Importantly, accomplishing a home upgrade this weekend can make your fee a sense of accomplishment. So, get your tools ready and tackle one of the below Waukegan renovation projects. 

What Are the Easiest Waukegan Weekend Renovation Projects?

Nothing beats the satisfaction of completing a DIY renovation project on the weekend. While extensive jobs like complete garage overhaul can be intimidating, there are easy and manageable weekend renovation projects to on the weekend this fall. 

Paint the Walls

Have your walls seen better days? Perhaps you’re tired of classic wall colors and need trendy, warm interior colors. Painting the walls is one of the weekend renovation projects you can tackle this fall. Get your paintbrushes, drop clothes, and painter’s tape, and paint and liven your interior walls. Fall is the best time to do a painting job, thanks to the moderate temperatures, which are ideal for avoiding paint cracks. 

Install A Kitchen Backsplash

Are you stuck with an old kitchen backsplash? You spend a great deal of time in the kitchen preparing mouth-watering meals, and updating things like the backsplash can do it justice. Installing a backsplash can be a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen’s design. Additionally, it can provide a protective barrier, eliminating moisture, and is easy to maintain. It is easy to eliminate food spills and splatters from a backsplash, making cleaning your kitchen easier.

Deep Clean Your Garage

Your garage is one place that can fill up junk pretty fast. Another weekend renovation project you can tackle this fall is garage cleaning. Decluttering is the best way to create space for garage organization and, most importantly, to keep your vehicle during the harsh weather months. 

Sweep out every nook and cranny, eliminating spider webs, dust mites, and unwanted garbage. This is the perfect time to check the garage floor and door conditions and fix them. Give your battered and bruised floors a pressure wash, and if necessary, apply new paint, giving it a fresh feel. 

Waukegan weekend renovation projects

Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Another excellent weekend renovation idea is updating your kitchen cabinets, which undergo a great deal of wear and tear. There are a dozen ways to renovate your kitchen cabinets and make them look brand new. You can replace the dull hardware, add sliding shelves, new removable wallpaper, and drawer dividers.

Additionally, you can install under cabinet lighting and replace the doors and drawer fronts. If time and resources allow, you can upgrade the entire cabinets with new ones. Such weekend projects can make a significant change and give your kitchen a new look. 

Renovate Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovations can be intimidating. However, there are ways to remodel your bathroom on the weekend. You can declutter, add space, and install a mirror to give your bathroom more light, making it feel spacious. Another idea is to replace the old damaged floor tiles and tile grout. A new coat of paint on your vanity, walls, and hardware can make a difference. Replace the faucets and showerheads with water-efficient ones. 

Rent A Dumpster in Waukegan

Waukegan weekend renovation projects are easy, but you can be sure of generating extensive amounts of debris. TKG Services offers residential dumpsters for weekend renovation projects. We offer 10, 20, and 30-yard roll-away containers for weekend renovations, home cleanout jobs, and construction waste removal. Get a free price estimate to rent a dumpster in Waukegan.

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Avoiding Dumpster Rental Overage Fees in Waukegan

Do you want to remove household junk, construction waste, or office trash? Homeowners, property managers, and contractors turn to dumpster rental services for a professional and speedy waste disposal process. The cost of hiring a dumpster varies, but it is reasonable, considering the project. Typically, you would pay the fee upfront without any hidden charges. However, dumpster rental overage fees are more common than you think, and thankfully, they’re avoidable. This is your article if you don’t like paying fees and want to avoid overage fees at all costs. We share tips and dumpster rental ideas to ensure you’re avoiding dumpster rental overage fees in Waukegan. 

Avoiding dumpster rental overage fees in Waukegan: Examples

A customer can get dumpster overage fees when they break the policy. Let’s explore situations that can dent your pockets when renting a roll-off dumpster

Exceeding the weight allowance

Your typical dumpster rental fee is the amount payable that covers the debris weight, dumpster size, rental period, and overall disposal services. Each container has a weight allowance, and you can pay extra fees if you exceed this weight limit. Additionally, breaching the weight limit policy can make it nearly impossible for your hauler to retrieve the dumpster. Additional tons can cost more at the landfill, and this fee can be added to your bill. Want to ensure you avoid dumpster rental overage fees in Waukegan? The right dumpster size ensures you dispose of your junk within the limit. Don’t put too much waste in one container. Ask for a second roll-off container or swap out. You can ask our customer support for size recommendations that fit your job.

Dumping prohibited debris

A dumpster has a use policy guiding you on acceptable and banned trash you can put in the container. The local and federal laws regulate municipal solid waste disposal, and you can’t dispose of some waste types in landfills. Furthermore, some debris is prohibited due to its toxic nature. You’ll get a fine and more charge on your bill for putting prohibited waste in the dumpster.

How do you avoid dumpster rental overage fees?

Check out the company guidelines on acceptable and prohibited hazardous waste. Ideally, don’t toss flammable, reactive, and corrosive waste into your dumpster. 

Extending your rental

Dumpster rentals are temporary, meaning you rent them for a specific time. For instance, renting a seven-day dumpster means you can have the container on site for up to seven days. Keeping the container a little longer— for extra days or weeks —attracts a hefty pro-rated per-day fee. Thankfully, TKG Services is accommodating and willing to discuss an additional rental period. Our rent extension fee is $15.75 per day.

How to avoid rental extension fees?

Customize a generous rental period that accommodates your project’s schedule. Our default rental period is seven days, but you can create a timeframe that works for you.

avoiding dumpster rental overage fees in waukegan

Inaccessibility of your job site

Dry run fees come into play if your delivery driver cannot roll off the dumpster due to a lack of space or many obstructions blocking the way. Avoid paying an inaccessibility fee by designating an area for your dumpster. Remove any barricades, like vehicles and hanging trees, beforehand.

Overfilling your container

Loading junk beyond the fill level in the dumpster is another reason for dumpster rental fees. Junk sticking out of a dumpster poses a safety risk, making it hard for your driver to remove it.

Overfilling your container can add tonnage, costing you up to $72.45 per ton. Insist on getting the right size container for the job. We can pick one for you after estimating the debris size you want to haul. Additionally, we consider the nature and the project timeframe to choose the perfect dumpster rental for you.

Avoiding dumpster rental overage fees in Waukegan is key to keeping your project on budget. Call TKG Services today for quick assistance on an affordable, reliable dumpster rental. 

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2022 Home Improvement Guide for Waukegan Rental Properties

Are you tired of unending rental property maintenance and looking for a lasting solution? Perhaps you must improve your property’s value and raise the rent? Tenant turnover can be a nightmare, and a landlord’s dream is to have happy tenants and full occupancy. While home improvement for rental properties can add value, it can be stressful for the landlord. Where do you start? Do you need permits for rental home improvements in Waukegan? How much will it cost to remodel a rental property? All these and many other questions could be running through your mind. Luckily, this article is a complete home improvement guide for Waukegan rental properties, and it helps you understand the rental property improvements that add the most value.

Home improvement guide for Waukegan rental properties.

Navigating a rental property renovation can be challenging, albeit costly. However, rental remodeling is necessary to keep your property in excellent condition and offer the best value to your renters. This will eliminate the constant need for minor repairs that cost time and money.

Plan and budget

With renovation materials costs going up daily, planning and budgeting are important to get the best value for your investment. First, it is crucial to identify the priority rooms you want to upgrade on your real estate. Rental property evaluation is an excellent way to identify areas that need improvement. Check the siding, roofing, porch, gutters, landscaping, and air conditioning. Move to the interiors and evaluate the kitchen and bathroom conditions. Do you need to install new plumbing or electricals? 

You can plan for the materials, create a project time frame and hire the right handyman. Consult an expert for accurate costs to renovate a Waukegan rental property. Notably, plan for the debris disposal because it will be a big part of the home improvement project. 

When designing a budget, it is important to explore various financing options, compare rates from multiple remodelers, and budget for miscellaneous. 

home improvement guide for Waukegan rental properties

Eliminate junk

The first thing is to discard all the junk on the property. Uncollected garbage can be a major obstacle and can crimp your plans. Furthermore, the debris can make the rooms stink and create a poor working environment for your contractors.

You can outsource the junk removal to save time; waste disposal is a manual job that’s not worth your hourly rate, and team TKG Services is here to help you.

Upgrade the interiors

Potential tenants focus on the kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom space, closets, and garage when shopping for a new home. These are the rooms people spend time in the most, and it makes sense to keep them to the highest standards possible.

Upgrade kitchen tops with stain, heat, and scratch-resistant materials like engineered stone. Also, upgrade the cabinets and hardware and add a new coat of paint. Consider replacing the backsplash and the flooring and check the windows.

A lighting upgrade is another home improvement to make for your rental property. Additionally, consider upgrading the bathroom with a new toilet, tub, faucet, vanity, etc.

Facelift the exteriors

Exterior home upgrades are just as important as interior ones. A damaged roof, siding, and overgrown lawn can hurt your property’s integrity and turn potential renters away. Landscaping upgrades like pruning, trimming, and raking can improve your property’s curb appeal. Also, you can install water features for beauty and maintain your rental property’s garden. Consider replacing the siding and doing a paint job to improve the overall look.

Can you write off improvements on your Waukegan rental properties?

Home improvement for a rental property is a major investment, and IRS treats it as a capital investment. You can deduct expenses on significant upgrades that improve the home’s value or adapt it to new changes.

Ready to get started? Contact TKG Services for a dumpster rental today!

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Renting a Dumpster for Junk

Do you need to get rid of junk? There are plenty of solutions when dealing with residential or construction junk. You can use junk removal services or rent a dumpster; these two options can effectively eliminate waste. Other viable waste disposal options include donating junk and DIY hauling. The crucial things to focus on when picking an option are efficiency, cost, and reliability. Renting a dumpster proves to be the most dependable option when you need to remove refuse. And thankfully, that is our focus area here at TKG Services. If you’re looking for a superior waste disposal solution, you’ve found one. Below are the reasons why you should rent a dumpster for junk.

Why rent a dumpster for junk?

Renting a dumpster for junk means that a waste management company—like TKG Services— provides you with a container to dump all the garbage. Ideally, it is for big residential, commercial, or construction projects that create massive heaps of junk. If the debris is too much to fit in the curbside bin, your best bet is the dumpster for trash. 

You will need to evaluate and create an estimate of the project, which will be the basis for the dumpster size you’ll need. With the help of a dumpster specialist, you can set up the container and the rental period that fits your job. 

Once you fill the trash container, we can remove it from the site as agreed in the schedule. Renting a dumpster for junk offers many benefits, which we’ll discuss below.


From the dumpster size to the schedule and your project type, a dumpster for junk accommodate all kinds of jobs. At TKG Services, we have various sizes to fit remodeling, home clean outs, office renovation, garage clean out, and removal of demolition rubble.

Unlike junk removal services, you’re in full control of your project and can keep the dumpster for as long as needed. Furthermore, you can use it to dispose of household, industrial, and construction waste. There is a receptacle to fit all the trash, no matter the size.

We provide sizes of up to 40-cubic yards dumpsters, which can manage concrete waste, yard waste, building demolition, and more.

More time to remove junk

The time freedom you get with dumpster rentals allows you to sift through your items carefully before discarding them. Junk removal service guys can put you under a time constraint, and you might not edit through your stuff carefully before disposing of it.

With a dumpster for junk, you can declutter, remodel or build at your pace, stress-free. You can also choose your rental period that fits your availability. For instance, you can rent a dumpster for a weekend bathroom remodel or junk removal before the move.

rent a dumpster for junk in Kenosha


A dumpster for junk can be less costly compared to other disposal options. Typically, rentals charge a flat-rate fee for dumpsters, and you can discard just about any debris. With junk removers, on the other hand, you might have to pay for each item they remove.

Also, the pricing of dumpsters is straightforward, with no additional costs like paying an extra fee for cumbersome material. 


Your job site’s safety is paramount. Accidents from sharp tools and falls from tripping over junk can be depressing. Renting a dumpster for garbage ensures that you contain dangerous debris safely and that the project site is always safe.

Additionally, dumpsters eliminate eyesores on-site and ensure that you dump junk discretely. You might need to place trash somewhere on your property for all and sundry with junk hauling.

Best company to rent a dumpster for junk

Count on TKG Services for dependable dumpsters for junk. Whether you need to declutter your office, basement, garage, attic, or the entire house, our crew will help.

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6 Things to Recycle in 2022

Are you wondering what items go to the recycling bin? It is easier to collect recyclable material at home with hassle-free recycling strategies like the single stream.

However, the worrying trend is that 25% of recycling is useless trash destined for landfills due to contamination.

Recycling contamination stems from putting the wrong things in the recycling bin. Keep reading to know the six things to recycle in 2022.

But first, ensure that you have your curbside recycling container for home or office recycling and roll-off dumpster for C&D recycling—more on this below.

Recyclable things in 2022

1. Plastic

Plastic items are the most popular items to recycle, but there is a draw line on the recyclable plastic types.

Typically, you can recycle plastic bottles, jugs, and containers like juice and milk bottles. Detergent containers and cleaning product bottles are also eligible for recycling. 

However, don’t recycle plastic items like wrappers, hose pipes, straws, plastic caps, and bags. These plastic items are some of the most significant recycling contaminants making it hard to recycle plastics, and you can consider alternative recycling for such things.

2. Glass

Glass is one of the most valuable recycling materials, thanks to its infinite recyclable nature.

Additionally, recycling glass can save up to 95% of raw materials used to make new glass products.

There are many types of glass products, and like plastic, not all glass materials fit in the curbside recycling.

The most recyclable glass is the flint, brown, and green-colored glass. You can recycle beverage glass bottles and food glass jars in your curbside recycling.

3. Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard are also items that you can recycle in 2022. If you can tear that paper, you can 100% recycle it. Ensure that the paper and cardboard are dry with no food residue to prevent recycling contamination.

Paper and cardboard are recycled into new printing and writing papers, napkins, and toilet paper. 

Remember, you can recycle paper and cardboard with their staples, clips, envelope windows, and tapes.

Ensure to flatten the cardboard to create space in the bin for more recycling.

4. Aluminum containers

The aluminum recycling rate stands at 34.9%, according to the EPA. This means aluminum is one of the things that you can recycle in 2022.

And like glass, you can also recycle aluminum endlessly without losing its quality. 

You can toss your aluminum beverage cans, canned goods containers, aluminum foil, aerosol, and paint cans in the recycling bin.

Again the rule here is to ensure the aluminum containers are clean to avoid damaging the whole recycling batch.   

Don’t crush the tins, especially if you’re using single-stream recycling, so they are traceable during the recycling at MRF.

5. Steel containers

From pet food cans to aerosol cans to canned human food cans, steel containers are part and parcel of life. The steel containers often end up in our homes thanks to them being the best food and liquid packaging material.

Luckily, you can also recycle steel multiple times, so go ahead and put your tin cans in the blue bin after using them. Ensure to remove the leftover food and liquids before recycling your steel containers. 

6. Construction and demolition waste

Did you know that you can recycle bricks, concrete, or other masonry materials? That’s right! You can recycle construction debris, including rocks, drywall, wood, plaster, metals, plastic, plumbing fixtures, wires, and metals.

Whether you have a home renovation endeavor or supervise a construction site, you can let TKG Services recycle your construction or demolition waste.

C&D recycling is a step toward green building and can earn you a LEED certification.

TKG Services is a team of recycling stewards aiming to divert as much construction debris from the landfills. Contact us for your recycling needs.