2021 Kenosha Recycling Tips

Do you recycle your household garbage in Kenosha? Perhaps you want to start recycling your C&D debris? With the current terrific population growth rate, it means that the amounts of municipal solid waste generation will spike up—and that means recycling is crucial. According to the EPA, in a bid to reduce the environments’ carbon footprints, recycling also creates thousands of job opportunities and boosts the economy.  Additionally, recycling is an excellent source of raw materials for manufacturing industries in America and hence minimizes the mining of natural resources. If you are bracing up for successful recycling, here are 2021 Kenosha recycling tips.

Your Best 2021 Kenosha Recycling Tips

Set your household for recycling

If you plan to participate in Kenosha recycling, then the best place to start is at home. You can divert endless trash into the recycling bin instead of tossing them into the trash can.

What’s more? Recycling at home is ideal for cutting your residential garbage, which is often more expensive to dispose of. And that means you save a few dollars on the garbage disposal. 

One of the best ways to set your household for recycling is to learn the household items that you can repurpose. Eliminate the confusion on what to recycle home by understanding the local acceptable recycling material. This helps you avoid contaminating the recyclable garbage you collect. 

Check the conditions on collecting and keeping recycling materials in your household before hauling them to the transfer station. Each municipal has their guidelines regarding recycling, so it is best that your check them out. For instance, should you remove the bottle caps or leave them? Should you mix colored and non-colored glass bottles for recycling?

Another thing is to get the recycling can so it is easy to separate items for recycling. 

Join your local recycling program

If you want to be part of the change and promote recycling in your city, joining your local recycling programs is best. You will learn about the local codes on recycling and also help transform the environment through active participation. 

Joining your local Kenosha recycling program also helps you contribute to creating new recycling guidelines. For instance, if you feel like the list of acceptable recyclables should be expanded, you can share your ideas through such recycling programs. 

Kenosha recycling tips

Know the truths from the recycling myths 

One thing that is taking recycling two steps backward is the recycling myth. It would be best if you debunked myths on recycling because they can make your recycling efforts go to waste.

For example, there is a recycling myth that as long as the item has a recycling arrow in it, it means it is recyclable. The recycling arrows on a packaging or plastic item are not direct tickets to the recycling bin. You need to understand these symbols and their means when it comes to recycling. Plastics, for example, come with different recycling symbols depending on the material type used in the manufacturing.

Another common recycling myth is that you can recycle glass jars and bottles. While it is true, some material recovery facilities may not accept colored glass waste. 

And that means you can’t put green or dark brown glass bottles in the recycling bin. The best thing is to check with your local recycling facility to understand the recyclable glass garbage. 

Adopt the best recycling strategies

Recycling doesn’t mean that you only need to focus on the kitchen. There are a million things and projects that produce waste, including construction, demolitions, and remodeling. 

TKG Services specializes in recycling C&D in Kenosha and beyond. From masonry materials to roofing shingles, we accept, sort, and recycle construction and demolition garbage. 

If you need help with C&D recycling, reach out to us. We are proud to be the reliable Kenosha recycling expert.